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我有個題目叫"Crocodiles are batter pets than giraffes'(鱷魚比長頸鹿當寵物好)




謝謝~~ 幫忙一下...

(這是口說稿(oral presentation))

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    先將Crocodiles are batter pets than giraffes

    改正為‘Crocodiles are better pets than giraffes’

    因為batter固然仍是一個英文單字 但依經驗推測應是better

    Ladies and gentlemen:

    Good morning. We all know that there are many kinds of pets people like. They may have all kinds of reason to keep their pets and I do too. Today I am going to talk about crocodiles and giraffes. You may not know why ‘Crocodiles are better pets than giraffes’ and I would like to show you reasons why I think so.

    Crocodiles are a kind of animal that we do not need a lot of time to take care of them. All we need is a secure place with some water and shadow around to stay. If it is a place with running water passing by will be much better, then we may save a lot of water. Of course, a fence with signs with big words ‘Warning! Crocodiles inside!’ will be needed. We only feed them some meat, like fish, frogs and other kind of meat 1—3 times each week.

    If we like to keep animals like giraffes, then we need to provide them a big area of green land with many tall trees in it because they eat a large of quantity of leaves. Otherwise we need to provide them every day green-leaf meal on high rakes very often because we cannot just dump tons of leaves on the ground. Although they will not eat human beings, it is still dangerous if people walk under their feet. A very tall fence with warning signs to keep away curiosity people is needed.

    After explaining the reasons, I believe you will agree with me that it is much easier to keep crocodiles as pets. So may be next time you may keep a crocodile because ‘Crocodiles are better pets than giraffes’.

    Thank you for your attention!

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