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what is the mean ”dept spiral”

State lawmakers want stores to lower interest rates from 15% to 12% and allow borrowers to pay in four installments. This will allow them to get themselves out of this dept spiral. Loan stores say that the consumers need to take more responsibility for making their debt and should go elsewhere if they need long-term loans.

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  • Gato
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    Quote: The Debt Spiral is a cycle many of us are in without ever realizing it.

    People tend to enjoy short term effect (money in their pocket) and ignore the

    long term consequence (debt to payback with never end.)

    good better best referring to Spiral, it means a step further of no end,

    either good or bad worse worst, and beyond…

    As such, to effectively manage your debts, refrain yourself from borrowing

    the money from cashing stores. If you need a long-term loan, go elsewhere like

    commercial banks or financial institutes… It saves money on your expense!

    所以說: debt spiral=惡性循環債 dept spiral is a typing error, no such thing.

    例如: 錢莊/當舖借款 利息一滾再滾 壓死人耶

    2008-07-10 07:45:20 補充:

    referring to Spiral

    good --> better --> best --> best of the bests -->...

    bad --> worse -->worst--> and beyond..

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    dept spiral 應該是 debt spiral 之誤!

    在經濟學上有 inflationary spiral (a continuous increase in costs, wages, prices, etc. ) 及 deflationary spiral (a decrease in costs, wages, prices, etc.) 的用法,可供參考。