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關鍵字詞:煙蒂cigarette butts;汽水soda散落litter




關鍵字詞:共同努力work together

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    However, rubbish on the streets cause negative impression to them.

    We can see cigarette ends, cans of soda and cartons of juice litter on the roadside.

    Our country will be one of the developed countries soon.

    As long as we realize the importance and work together, we can live in a pleasant environment.

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    1.But the garbage of street bring negative impression to them.

    2.As long as you walk through some streets in Taipei, we can see cigarette bud, soda bottle and juice box scatter in the wayside.

    3.Our nations soon will become the ㄧ member of developed country

    4.As long as we understand his importance and work together , we are from the canning live in the clean comfort environment.

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    1.But on street trash actually creates the negative impression to them

    2.So long as passes through Taibei's certain street corners, we may see the cigarette butt, the soda can and the fruit juice box litter on the roadside

    3.Our country very quick must become has developed national

    4.So long as we understand his importance and work together, we may live in the clean comfortable environment

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