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(The Narrative of Experience of Passively Broke Up in Romantic Relationship – A Case Study of Counseling Psychology Interns)

本研究主要探討實習諮商師愛情關係中被動分手經驗以及此經驗對實習接案的影響情況。研究目的有三:1.探究實習諮商師愛情關係中被動分手之經驗;2. 探究實習諮商師對被動分手經驗因應之策略;3. 探究實習諮商師因愛情關係中被動分手經驗影響實習接案之狀況。





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    Probe into and practise experience and this experience of saying good-bye passively in teacher's love relation of consulting trader to the influence situation practising the taking over case mainly in this research. There is three to study the purpose:

    1.Probe into and practise the experience that says good-bye passively in teacher's love relation of consulting trader;

    2. Is it practise teacher of consulting etc. to say good-bye experience passively to probe into because tactics that answers ;

    3. Experience influences the state which practises the taking over case to probe into and practise the teacher of consulting trader and because of the love say good-bye passively.

    This result of study shows:

    1.Intension that causes the love relation with lacks communicating of nonconformity that expects;

    2.The persons who benefit less pay more in order to keep the relation;

    3.The reason influences individual's forgotten degree to saying good-bye to say good-bye;

    4.The self- sediment after departure, with treat its necessity;

    5.The ones that practised the teacher of consulting trader are self- aware to understanding parties for benefitting .

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    請立即瞭解通路雲的各項制度介紹 :


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