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剪愛 張惠妹

人變了心 言而無信

人斷了情 無謂傷心

我一直聆聽 我閉上眼睛


滿天流星 無窮無盡


所以絕口不提 所以暗自反省

終於 我掙脫了愛情

把愛 剪碎了隨風吹向大海

有許多事 讓淚水洗過更明白

天真如我 張開雙手以為撐得住未來


把愛 剪碎了隨風吹向大海

越傷得深 越明白愛要放得開

是我不該 怎麼我會眷著你眷成依賴




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    Shredded Love (A-Mei)

    One who has a change of heart, breaks promises

    One who breaks up a relationship, feels no sorrow

    I kept listening, and I closed my eyes

    The look on your face I dare not see

    Endless shooting starts fill the sky

    Tears on my face never run dry

    So I say nothing and just reflect on my own

    Finally I break free from love

    My love is shredded and let blown to the ocean

    So many things, so much clearer washed by tears

    I was so simple to think I could lift the future on two arms

    But who could have promised that love would not be tainted?

    My love is shredded and let blown to the ocean

    The deeper the wound, the better I know to get over love

    It was my fault, I leaned on you but got over dependent

    Love turned into hurt in the blink of an eye

    But I could not shred the passion in fond memories

    The struggle with myself you cannot see

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    err, 拼錯字: 是 shooting STARS

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