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求蔡依林 The Rose動態歌詞 10點喔!

求蔡依林 The Rose動態歌詞

求蔡依林 The Rose動態歌詞

求蔡依林 The Rose動態歌詞

要很正確的 不要唱的和歌詞顯示不同步


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  • K.O.
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    [ti:The Rose]


    [al:jolin 1019]


    [00:20.00]The Rose


    [00:27.00]詞:Amanda Mcbroom 曲:Amanda Mcbroom


    [00:01.00]Lies the seed that with the sun's love

    [00:09.00]In the spring

    [00:12.00]Becomes the rose

    [00:42.00]Some say love

    [00:45.00]It is a river that drowns the tender reed

    [00:54.00]Some say love

    [00:56.00]It is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed

    [01:05.00]Some say love

    [01:08.00]It is a hunger an endless aching need

    [01:17.00]I say love

    [01:20.00]It is a flower and you it's only seed

    [01:55.00]It's the heart

    [01:58.00]Afraid of breaking that never learns to dance

    [02:07.00]It's the dream

    [02:09.00]Afraid of walking that never takes the chance

    [02:18.00]It's the one

    [02:21.00]who won't be taken who can't seem to give

    [02:30.00]And the soul

    [02:33.00]Afraid of dying that never learns to live

    [03:05.00]When the night has been too lonely

    [03:11.00]And the road has been too long

    [03:17.00]And you think

    [03:19.00]That love is only for the lucky and the strong

    [03:28.00]Just remember

    [03:31.00]In the winter for beneath the bitter snow

    [03:52.00][03:40.00]Lies the seed that with the sun's love

    [03:58.00][03:46.00]in the spring becomes the rose


    [02:43.00]Life is a gift and you gotta learn to live

    [02:46.00]It if you believe in love

    [02:47.00]You gotta learn to give it

    [02:48.00]Tryin' to find someone who's kind is hard to do

    [02:51.00]You want the love but you really don't know what to do

    [02:54.00]You're just afraid of someone breaking your heart

    [02:57.00]You never learned to live you gave up from the start

    [03:00.00]You felt the pain but it made you strong

    [03:03.00]So remember no matter what you will go on

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