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雷恩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前




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    Bosses of restaurants usually hope to have a peaceful atmosphere..


    This is one of Asians' characters..They don't want to infuriate anyone .. so this is understandable..but we all dislike those bad guys..


    I'll back up any decisions you've make.. your behaviour is accurate and kind... Bad guys will finally deserve punishments..


    The bad man even asked me to perform there... That's impossible..I'll surely reject them...Being evil eventually aquires retribution...Their dining tables were broken that day..ha... Hope all of this will be put down as soon as wishes, safe and sound


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    The restaurant owner always hopes for a peaceful resolution. This is a typical characteristic of Asians. They would hate to offend anyone, which is understandable. But we all dislike those jerks/assholes. I'll support any decision you make. Your actions have been just and well-intentioned. Those jerks will get what they deserve. They're even asking me to go perform for them. That's not impossible. (or No way!) I will definitely refuse them. What goes around comes around. (or Their bad karma will come back to haunt them.) Didn't their dining table break the other day? Ha Ha. I hope everything will get resolved soon. Hope all will be well...

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    Dining room boss always hopes take and as expensive. This is Asian's characteristic. They did not hope offends anybody. Therefore this is may understand. But we all very much dislike these good-for-nothings…I can support any decision which you do…Your action all is correct also the good intentions…The unprincipled person would the punishment is deserved….That unprincipled person added wants me to go to his that side performance…This is not impossible. I can certainly resist 絕 them .....Evil will be requited with evil…They that day the dinner table has shattered. Breathes out ~~~~. Hoped very quick can subside all these .....Wishes safely .....

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