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Creatures Formed In a Director’s Hell

The common thread running through the films of Guillermodel Toro, from his 1993 horror feature debut, “Cronos ,” to his 2006 Oscar-winning parable, “Pan’s Labyrinth,”to his deep affection for gruesome-looking beasts . “There’s nothing I enjoy more than creating fables about monsters, human or otherwise ,’Mr.del Toro said in a recent phone interview from London.

His latest movie , Hellboy 2:The Golden Army,” gave him plenty of new monsters to play with. In the follow-up his 2004 comic book adapt, he imagines a collision of the natural world ad a word of magic hidden in the fringes of urban life.

“What if tooth fairies were illegally imported in containers to work menial jobs in garbage collection?” Mr.del Toro said. “What would happen if trolls were just bag ladies collecting sray cats for eating?”

The result is tale of good versus evil in which Hellboy, a heroic demon who works for a secret government agency, squares off against a ruthless elf prince determined to destroy humanity.

The creatures of “Hellboy 2”didn’t spring fully formed from Mr.del Toro’s head; they began as drawings in his diaries, accompanied by annotations in Spainish(he was born in Maxico)and English. He has kept similar journals for all his films except for his forthcoming adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit,” whose characters are controlled by the auther’s estate; for legal purpose he confines those sketches to loose papers or napkins).

Someday, Mr.del Toro said , he may publish his artwork, or he may pass it along to his daughters, Mariana, 12, who also appreciates monsters,and marisa,6, who prefers hello Kitty- “Which I still think is a hydrocephalic mutant of a cat,” Mr.del Toro said.


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    共同的螺紋運行通過Guillermodel Toro 影片, 從他的1993 年恐怖特點首演, "Cronos," 到他的2006 贏得奧斯卡獎的寓言, "平底鍋的迷宮," 到他深刻的喜愛為可怕看的野獸。"有□什麼我比創造享用更多寓言關於妖怪, 人或否則, 'Mr.del Toro 說在一次最近電話採訪從倫敦。他的最新的電影, Hellboy 2:The 金黃軍隊, "給了他大量新妖怪戲劇與。在他的2004 漫畫書適應的後續, 他想像自然世界廣告的碰撞魔術的詞掩藏在都市生活邊緣。"若牙神僊非法地被進口在容器裡工作奴僕的工作在無用單元收集呢?" Mr.del Toro 說。"什麼會發生如果拖釣是正義袋子夫人收集sray 貓為吃?" 結果是傳說的好對Hellboy, 一個英勇邪魔工作為一個秘密政府機構, 擺出攻擊架式反對一位冷酷的矮子王子被確定毀壞人類的罪惡。"Hellboy 2"didn't 春天生物充分地形成了從Mr.del Toro 的頭; 他們開始了作為圖畫在他的日誌裡, 由註釋陪同在Spainish(he 出生用Maxico)and 英語。他保留了相似的學報為所有他的影片除了字符由auther 的莊園控制J.R.R. Tolkien 的Hobbit 的他即將到來的適應, "; 為法律目的他限制那些剪影疏鬆紙或餐巾) 。

    某天, Mr.del Toro 說, 他也許出版他的藝術品, 或他也許通過它對他的女兒, 瑪麗安娜, 12, 並且讚賞妖怪

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