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麻煩幫我用口述的方式翻譯英文報紙 急用

“When I looked at the livers of the mice, the treated group was almost clean,” Benny said in a statement “In the control group you couldn’t recognize the livers-they were a mass of tumors.”

The drug was know experiment-tally as TNP-470, and was originally isolated from a fungus called Aspergillus fumigatus freesnius.

Harvards’s Dinald Ingber discovererd the fungus by accident while trying to grow endothelial cells – the cells that line blood vessels. The mold affected the cells in way mold affected the cells in a way known to prevent the growth of tiny blood vessels known as developed TNP-470 with the help of Takeda Chemical Industries in Japan in 1990.

But the drug affected the brain, causing depression, dizziness and other side-effect. It also did not stay in the body long and required constant infusions. The lab dropped it. Efforts to improve it did not work well. Then Benny and colleagues tried nanotechnology, attaching two “pom-pom”-shaed polymers to TNP-470, protecting it from stomach acid.

In mice, the altered drug, now named lodamin, went straight to tumor cells and helped suppress melanoma and lung cancer, with no apparent side effects Benny said.

All untreated mice had fluid in the abdominal cavity, and enlarged livers covered with tumors.

Mice treated with lodamin had normal-looking livers and spleens, the researchers said.

Twenty days after being injected with cancer cells, four out of seven utreated mice had died, while all treated mice were still alive, Benny’s team reported.

“I had never expected such a strong effect on these aggressive tumor models,” she said. The researchers believe lodamin may also be useful in other diseases marked by abnormal blood vessel growth such as age-related macular degeneration.

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    "當我看老鼠的肝臟, 被對待的小組是幾乎乾淨的," 安非他命藥片說在一個聲明"在您不能認可肝臟他們是腫瘤大量的控制群。" 藥物是知道實驗相符作為TNP-470, 和與真菌最初被隔絕了叫做Aspergillus fumigatus freesnius 。

    Harvards 的Dinald Ingber discovererd 真菌由事故當設法生長內皮細胞的細胞- 排行血管的細胞。模子影響了細胞用1990 年模子影響細胞用方式已知防止微小的血管成長以被開發的TNP-470 著名在Takeda 化工業幫助下在日本的方式。

    但藥物影響了腦子, 導致消沉、頭暈和其它副作用。它長期還沒有停留在身體和必需的恆定的注入。實驗室下降了它。努力改進它很好沒有運作得。然後安非他命藥片和同事嘗試了nanotechnology, 附有二"pom-pom"-shaed 聚合物對TNP-470, 保護它免受胃酸。

    在老鼠, 修改過的藥物, 現在被命名lodamin, 直接去腫瘤細胞和幫助壓制黑瘤並且肺癌, 沒有明顯的副作用安非他命藥片認為。所有未經治療的老鼠有流體在胃腸洞, 並且擴大的肝臟蓋了以腫瘤。老鼠被對待與lodamin 有正常看肝臟並且脾臟, 研究員認為。二十天在被注射以癌細胞以後, 四喪失七utreated 老鼠死了, 當所有被對待的老鼠活, 安非他命藥片的隊被報告。

    "我從未期待了對這些進取的腫瘤模型的這樣強的作用," 她說。研究員相信lodamin 也許並且是有用的在其它疾病由反常血管成長標記譬如與年齡有關的macular 退化。

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    抱歉唷 擬直接用翻譯網 翻譯的吧



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