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我需要 E. E. Cummings ' poems

"Impressions" 最想知道




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    All in green my love went riding

    All in green went my love riding

    on a great horse of gold

    into the silver dawn.

    four lean hounds crouched low and smiling

    the merry deer ran before.

    Fleeter be they than dappled dreams

    the swift sweet deer

    the red rare deer.

    Horn at hip went my love riding

    riding the echo down

    into the silver dawn.

    four lean hounds crouched low and smiling

    the level meadows ran before.

    Softer be they than slippered sleep

    the lean lithe deer

    the fleet flown deer.

    Four fleet does at a gold valley

    the famished arrows sang before.

    Bow at belt went my love riding

    riding the mountain down into the silver dawn.

    four lean hounds crouched low and smiling

    the sheer peaks ran before.

    Paler be they than daunting death

    the sleek slim deer

    the tall tense deer.

    Four tall stags at a green mountain

    the lucky hunter sang before.

    All in green went my love riding

    on a great horse of gold

    into the silver dawn.

    four lean hounds crouched low and smiling

    my heart fell dead before.

    buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound

    buy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound.



    (spin!helen)the slimmer the finger the thicker the thumb(it's whirl, girls)

    round and round

    early to better is wiser for worse.

    Give liz (take! tommy)we order a steak and they send us a pie(it's try, boys) mine is yours

    ask me the name of the moon in the man.

    Up sam (down! alice) a hole in the ocean will never be missed(it's

    in, girls) yours is mine

    either was deafer than neither was dumb.

    Skip fred (jump! neddy)but under the wonder is over the why(it's now,

    boys) here we come

    when life is quite through with

    when life is quite through with

    and leaves say alas,

    much is to do

    for the swallow,that closes

    a flight in the blue;

    when love's had his tears out,

    perhaps shall pass

    a million years

    (while a bee dozes

    on the poppies, the dears;

    when all's done and said,and

    under the grass

    lies her head

    by oaks and roses


    2008-07-28 15:50:00 補充:

    第四首 : Me up at does

    Me up at does

    out of the floor

    quietly Stare

    a poisoned mouse

    still who alive

    is asking What

    have i done that

    You wouldn't have

    2008-07-28 15:50:50 補充:

    第五首 : Dead every enourmous piece

    dead every enourmous piece

    of nonsense which itself must call

    a state submicroscopic is-

    compared with pitying terrible

    some alive individual

    2008-07-28 15:50:54 補充:

    ten centuries of original soon

    or make it ten times ten are more

    than not entitled to complain

    -plunged in eternal now if who're

    by the five nevers of a lear

    2008-07-28 15:51:43 補充:

    第六首 : Where's Madge then

    Where's Madge then,

    Madge and her men?

    buried with

    Alice in her hair,

    (but if you ask the rain

    he'll not tell where.)

    2008-07-28 15:51:51 補充:

    beauty makes terms

    with time and his worms,

    when loveliness

    says sweetly Yes

    to wind and cold;

    and how much earth

    is Madge worth?

    Inquire of the flower that sways in the autumn

    she will never guess.

    but i know

    my heart fell dead before.

    2008-07-28 15:53:01 補充:

    第七首 : I love you much (most beautiful darling)

    i love you much(most beautiful darling)

    more than anyone on the earth and i

    like you better than everything in the sky

    -sunlight and singing welcome your coming

    2008-07-28 15:53:09 補充:

    although winter may be everywhere

    with such a silence and such a darkness

    noone can quite begin to guess

    (except my life)the true time of year-

    2008-07-28 15:53:16 補充:

    and if what calls itself a world should have

    the luck to hear such singing(or glimpse such

    sunlight as will leap higher than high

    through gayer than gayest someone's heart at your each

    nearness)everyone certainly would(my

    most beautiful darling)believe in nothing but love

    2008-07-28 15:53:56 補充:

    第八首 : when god lets my body be

    when god lets my body be

    from each brave eye shall sprout a tree

    fruit that dangles therefrom

    the purpled world will dance upon

    between my lips which did sing

    a rose shall beget the spring

    that maidens whom passion wastes

    2008-07-28 15:54:08 補充:

    will lay between their little breasts

    my strong fingers beneath the snow

    into strenuous birds shall go

    my love walking in the grass

    their wings will touch with her face

    and all the while shall my heart be

    with the bulge and nuzzle of the sea

    2008-07-28 15:54:54 補充:

    第九首 : Buffalo Bill's

    Buffalo Bill's


    who used to

    ride a watersmooth-silver


    and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat


    he was a handsome man

    and what i want to know is

    how do you like your blueeyed boy

    Mister Death

    2008-07-28 15:56:08 補充:

    第十首:It is at moments after i have dreamed

    it is at moments after i have dreamed

    of the rare entertainment of your eyes,

    when (being fool to fancy) i have deemed

    with your peculiar mouth my heart made wise;

    at moments when the glassy darkness holds

    2008-07-28 15:56:17 補充:

    the genuine apparition of your smile

    (it was through tears always)and silence moulds

    such strangeness as was mine a little while;

    moments when my once more illustrious arms

    are filled with fascination, when my breast

    wears the intolerant brightness of your charms:

    2008-07-28 15:56:24 補充:

    one pierced moment whiter than the rest

    -turning from the tremendous lie of sleep

    i watch the roses of the day grow deep.

    2008-07-28 15:57:22 補充:

    第十一首 : may i feel said he

    may i feel said he

    (i'll squeal said she

    just once said he)

    it's fun said she

    (may i touch said he

    how much said she

    a lot said he)

    why not said she

    (let's go said he

    not too far said she

    what's too far said he

    where you are said she)

    2008-07-28 15:57:42 補充:

    may i stay said he

    (which way said she

    like this said he

    if you kiss said she

    may i move said he

    is it love said she)

    if you're willing said he

    (but you're killing said she

    but it's life said he

    but your wife said she

    now said he)

    ow said she

    2008-07-28 15:57:46 補充:

    (tiptop said he

    don't stop said she

    oh no said he)

    go slow said she

    (cccome?said he

    ummm said she)

    you're divine!said he

    (you are Mine said she)

    2008-07-28 15:58:51 補充:

    第十二首 : it may not always be so;and i say

    it may not always be so;and i say

    that if your lips,which i have loved,should touch

    another's,and your dear strong fingers clutch

    his heart,as mine in time not fara away;

    2008-07-28 15:58:54 補充:

    if on another's face your sweet hair lay

    in such a silence as i know,or such

    great writhing words as,uttering overmuch,

    stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;

    2008-07-28 15:59:00 補充:

    if this should be,i say if this should be--

    you of my heart,send me a little word;

    that i may go unto him,and take his hands,

    saying,Accept all happiness from me.

    Then shall i turn my face,and hear one bird

    sing terribly afar in the lost lands.

    2008-07-28 16:00:29 補充:

    第十三首 : If

    If freckles were lovely, and day was night,

    And measles were nice and a lie warn't a lie,

    Life would be delight,--

    But things couldn't go right

    For in such a sad plight

    I wouldn't be I.

    2008-07-28 16:00:35 補充:

    If earth was heaven and now was hence,

    And past was present, and false was true,

    There might be some sense

    But I'd be in suspense

    For on such a pretense

    You wouldn't be you.

    2008-07-28 16:00:42 補充:

    If fear was plucky, and globes were square,

    And dirt was cleanly and tears were glee

    Things would seem fair,--

    Yet they'd all despair,

    For if here was there

    We wouldn't be we.

    2008-07-28 16:01:51 補充:

    第十四首 : In Just-

    in Just-

    spring when the world is mud-

    luscious the little

    lame balloonman

    whistles far and wee

    and eddieandbill come

    running from marbles and

    piracies and it's


    when the world is puddle-wonderful

    2008-07-28 16:02:23 補充:

    the queer

    old balloonman whistles

    far and wee

    and bettyandisbel come dancing

    from hop-scotch and jump-rope and

    it's spring and the goat-footed balloonMan whistles far and wee

    2008-07-28 16:03:06 補充:

    第十五首 : this is the garden:colours come and go

    this is the garden:colours come and go,

    frail azures fluttering from night's outer wing

    strong silent greens silently lingering,

    absolute lights like baths of golden snow.

    2008-07-28 16:03:09 補充:

    This is the garden:pursed lips do blow

    upon cool flutes within wide glooms,and sing

    (of harps celestial to the quivering string)

    invisible faces hauntingly and slow.

    2008-07-28 16:03:17 補充:

    This is the garden. Time shall surely reap

    and on Death's blade lie many a flower curled,

    in other lands where other songs be sung;

    yet stand They here enraptured,as among

    the slow deep trees perpetual of sleep

    some silver-fingered fountain steals the world.

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    I carry your heart with me 

    I carry it in my heart


      我用我的心 裝帶著你的心

    I am never without it

      你的心 總與我相隨

    anywhere I go you go, my dear;                 

    and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling

      不管我至何方 你就在我身旁 親愛的

      而任何我完成的事 也同是你的成就 我的摯愛

    I fear no fate for you are my fate, my sweet

      我不恐懼命運 因為你就是我的命運 我的甜美

    I want no world for beautiful you are my world, my true

      我不需要世界 因為美麗的你就是我的世界 我的真實

    and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and

    whatever a sun will always sing is you

      月亮永恆的意義是你 太陽所歌詠的亦是你

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows

      這裡藏著無人知曉 最深的秘密

    here is the root of the root

    and the bud of the bud

    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;

    which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide

      這裡是生命之樹的根之根 芽之芽 天空之天空;

      它高於靈魂所嚮往 聳於意願所隱藏

    and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart


    I carry your heart

    I carry it in my heart


      我用我的心 裝帶著你的心

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