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小平頭 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂電影 · 1 0 年前


最近在電視HBO播出的電影" 冰刀雙人組 裡面所出現過的音樂,從開頭出現的到兩位男生第一次在公開場合比賽出現的那些,希望是全部的不只是重點的那幾首,不需要解釋的很清楚,歌名、唱的人、一些簡介,這樣就OK........知道的人麻煩解答~謝謝



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  • 鴿子
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    Blades of Glory"

    Written by Melissa Ritter, Doug DeAngelis & Nicholas Stoller

    Performed by Bo Bice

    Courtesy of Lakeshore Records

    "Hot Blooded"

    Written by Mick Jones & Lou Gramm

    Performed by Foreigner

    Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

    By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

    "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

    Written by Diane Warren

    Performed by Aerosmith

    Courtesy of Columbia Records

    By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

    "The Stroke"

    Written & Performed by Billy Squier

    Courtesy of Capitol Records

    Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

    "Flash's Theme"

    Written by Brian May

    Performed by Queen

    Licensed courtesy of EMI Records UK & Hollywood Records Inc.

    "Con te partir"

    Written by Francesco Sartori & Lucio Quarantotto

    Performed by Andrea Bocelli with Sarah Brightman

    Courtesy of Unviersal Music B.V. (NL)

    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    "Call Him a Thief"

    Written & Performed by Circe Link

    Published by Narccisiphus Music (BMI)

    Courtesy of MS-Pro

    "Good Vibrations"

    Written by Dan Hartman, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg & Spice

    Performed by Mark Wahlberg (as Marky Mark) & The Funky Bunch

    Courtesy of Interscope Records

    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    "The Star Spangled Banner"

    Arranged by Harry Bluestone

    "The Grublets Song"

    Written by Theodore Shapiro & Mike Himelstein

    Performed by Randy Crenshaw, Beverly Staunton (as Beverley Staunton) and Dena Diamond

    "My Humps"

    Written by Will i Am (as Will Adams) & David Payton

    "Dance Sucka"

    Written & Performed by T-Ray (as T. Ray)

    Courtesy of Blotter Inc.

    "North Korean National Anthem"

    Arranged by George Wilson

    "Let's Get It On"

    Written by Marvin Gaye & Ed Townsend

    Performed by Marvin Gaye

    Courtesy of Motown Records

    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    "Happy Birthday to You"

    Written by Mildred J. Hill (as Mildred Hill) & Patty S. Hill (as Patty Hill)

    Vocals courtesy of Non-Stop Music

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    參考資料: 冰刀雙人組原聲帶
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