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  • 羅莉
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    1 0 年前

    Thank you immensely for your interest and participation in this seminar.

    However, as the outline list of your submitted thesis does not conform to the format required by the seminar. please find here-attached the standard format for your kind re-entry and re-submission.

    2008-08-06 10:55:18 補充:

    大會文書必須使用正式而精簡的措辭, 以建立一種權威形象, 這是與一般的社交書信有所不同的, 謹提供參考.

    2008-08-11 09:04:08 補充:

    用file是E-mail發展初期較常用, 因為大眾那時還不習慣電子附件, 但現在e-mail已與實體信件分庭抗禮, 用語也趨於一致了.

    KC, for your kind re-entry and re-submission恐怕沒人懂? 建議您多請教幾位專家, 您會很驚訝的.

    2008-08-13 08:53:49 補充:

    Dear KC,

    I never said the word "file" is out of fashion, but people are more used to mentioning the attachment in an email the same way they do on the enclosure in a paper mail than before.

    2008-08-13 08:54:21 補充:

    Concerning the phrase "for your kind re-entry and re-submission", you're right. It sounds weird perpaps because the words "entry" and "submission" envolve many other meanings.

    2008-08-13 08:54:47 補充:

    Therefore, I need to amend the sentence as:

    "Kindly re-complete and re-submit your thesis in the standard format as here-attached."

    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

    參考資料: 英文相關行業20年
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    用file 較好 用 please see the attachment (file) for the standard format 較好

    最後這句for your kind re-entry and re-submission. 恐怕沒人懂 只靠後面兩個單字才知道 他大概的意思

    2008-08-12 08:16:44 補充:

    no idea "file" is out of fashion~

    for your kind~~~ re-entry and re-submission讀這句話除非你有亞洲背景 或你把它以諷刺的方式念出來 不然是沒幾個知道

    and kindly (to) resubmit較好

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    We appreciate your participation and interests to this porseminar.

    As the format of abstract of the paper you uploaded is not match the requirement from the proseminar.

    Please attach the sheet in correct format and re-upload after correction.

    2008-08-06 14:41:13 補充:

    Spelling False: Porseminar, line 1, last word

    Correction: Proseminar

    2008-08-06 14:42:49 補充:

    I assumed it's via Internet.

    參考資料: ME
  • Thank you to have the interest and the participation to this seminar.

    But because in your institute passes on paper abstract form and big

    institutional records of a reign difference,

    The appendix enclosed correct form form, after troubles you to

    correct on passes on.


    ※建議你,以後如果有翻譯這類的知識+要發問,不必在知識 +發問浪費點數,在網頁的右上方,有一個魚的圖形,上面寫著"網頁翻譯",用那個翻譯就可以了(除非你不想用網頁翻譯,如果你真的不想用,我也不免強妳)。

    參考資料: 我&網頁翻譯
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  • 感謝您對本研討會有興趣及參與。的英文是:

    I thank for a profit is equal to a principal to you, and I study that it is possible that there is participation, and discussing it with interest.


    But I need a form and the difference that I found in meeting by the article of the biography on your place by chance and,


    The accessories add precise form paper, and the thing in troubling you after you correction comes.


    參考資料: 我的金頭腦
  • 1 0 年前

    Thank you for your participation and interests in our conference. Please see attached files for correct form since the form of your thesis is different from what we asked. Please send your thesis in once it is corrected. Thank you.

    參考資料: myself