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請英文很厲害的大大幫我翻譯這幾句英文 ! !

1. During storage, the number of B. animalis ssp. Lactis LAFTIs B94 decreased considerably more than L. acidophilus LAFTIs L10 and continued to decline until day 21 when the number of cfu/g stabilized to a level and remained unchanged until the end of 35 days.

2. This is in agreement with studies on bifidobacteria by Shin Lee Pestka and Usteunol, who reported counts of well above 106 cfu/g at the expiry date, and other studies that have reported satisfactory viability in all, or at least in some of the yogurts evaluated.

3. In our study, B. animalis ssp. lactis LAFTIs B94 strain showed poor survival initially compared to L. acidophilus LAFTIs L10 strain and highlights the requirement for fruit yogurt manufacturers to ensure a sufficient inoculum dosage of bacteria at the time of manufacture to obtain the recommended level of cfu/g at the end of the shelf life.

4. The rapid loss of viability of B. animalis ssp. lactis could be due to their lack of tolerance to oxygen incorporated into yoghurt while stirring the fruit mix into the yoghurt base.

5. More air may be incorporated while stirring 10 g/100 g compared to 5 g/ 100 g fruit mix into the yogurt base which explain the differences in the viability of Bifidobacterium spp. It is also possible that more addition of fruit may have increased the acidity.

6. The plain yogurt retained higher level of L. acidophilus than yogurts containing mixed berry or passion fruit.

7. The plain yogurt, however, did not contain higher L. acidophilus levels than mango or strawberry yogurts.

8. There were no differences in the number of colony forming units of B. animalis ssp. lactis between different types of yogurt during the same storage period.



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    請英文很厲害的大大幫我翻譯這幾句英文 ! !

    1. 在存貯期間, B. animalis ssp. Lactis LAFTIs 的數字B94 更比L.

    可觀地減少了嗜酸性LAFTIs L10 和繼續decline

    直到天21 當cfu/g 的數量被穩定到水平和被保留unchanged 直到

    35 天的結尾。

    2. 這是在與研究的協議關於bifidobacteria 走路

    李・Pestka 和Usteunol, 報告計數很好在106 cfu/g 之上在有效期

    限, 並且報告了令人滿意的生活能力總計的其它研究, 或至少在

    一些yogurts 評估了。

    3. 在我們的研究, B. animalis ssp. lactis LAF

    TIs B94 張力顯示了粗劣的生存最初地與L. 嗜酸性LAFTIs L10 張


    物劑量在製造之時獲得cfu/g 的被推薦的水平在保存性的結尾。

    4. B. animalis ssp. lactis 的生活能力迅速損失能歸結於他們的缺


    5. 更多

    空氣也許被合併當攪動解釋在Bifidobacterium 生活能力上的區


    的10 g/100 g 與5 g/ 100 g 果子比較混合入酸奶基地。它是還可

    能的, 果子的更多加法也許增加了酸度。

    6. 簡單的酸奶保留了更高的水平L. 嗜酸性比yogurts 包含混雜的


    7. 簡單的酸奶, 然而, 沒有包含更高的L. 嗜酸性水平比芒果或草

    莓yogurts 。

    8. 沒有在殖民地的數字上的區別形成B. animalis ssp. lactis 單位



    參考資料: JIMMYJIMMY
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