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層序地質學的 resume幫我翻譯

Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy provides an in-depth coverage and impartial assessment of all current ideas and models in the field of sequence stratigraphy. Even though widely popular among all groups interested in the analysis of sedimentary basin fills, both in academia and in the industry, sequence stratigraphy is yet a difficult undertaking due to an overwhelming jargon and the persistence of conflicting approaches as to how the sequence stratigraphic method should be applied to the rock record. This textbook examines the relationship between such conflicting approaches from the perspective of a unifying platform, demonstrating that sufficient common ground exists to eliminate terminology barriers and to facilitate communication between all practitioners of sequence stratigraphy. This work is not only a review of past and current literature, but also includes key original viewpoints and is illustrated with new graphic material and numerous field examples of outcrop, core, well log and 3D seismic data in full colour. The book is addressed to anyone interested in understanding and applying the method of sequence stratigraphic analysis, from students to geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers. Sequence stratigraphy remains the most recent paradigm in the broad field of sedimentary geology, with tremendous potential to deciphering the record of global change and to improving the success of economic exploration.

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    序列地層學的原則提供對所有當前的想法和模型的一個詳細覆蓋面和公平的評估在領域的序列地層學。即使普遍在所有之中廣泛編組對對沉澱水池積土的分析感興趣, 在學術界並且在產業, 序列地層學是困難的事業由於巨大專科術語和堅持相衝突接近至於怎樣序列地層學方法應該嚮岩石紀錄被運用。這本課本審查關係在這樣矛盾的方法之間從成一體平臺的透視, 顯示出, 充足的共同基礎存在消滅術語障礙和促進通信在序列地層學的所有實習者之間。這工作是不僅過去和當前的文學回顧, 而且包括關鍵原始的觀點和被說明以新圖表材料和露出、核心、好的日誌和3D 地震資料許多領域例子在充分的顏色。書對任何人演講對瞭解和運用感興趣序列地層學分析, 從學生到地質學家, 地球物理學家和水庫工程師方法。序列地層學依然是最近範例在寬廣的領域沉澱地質, 以巨大潛力對解密全球性變動紀錄和對改進經濟探險的成功。


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