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    Current Address 08/13/2008


    210 W, Gregory Street # 2E,

    Kansas City, MO, 64114

    Tel: +181-816-916-8553

    Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. xxxx,

    (To whom it may concern, )

    My name is xxx, I notice that there is a vacancy in F & B department as an assistant manager in your hotel which I am highly interested in. I just graduated from UMKC, my available date will be at 09/01/2008.

    Enclosed my resume for reference. As I am greatly interested in working in hospitality industry, I took all the courses which related to hotel management. And I have graduated from UMKC with postgraduated high diploma.

    I have one year experience working in Westin restaurant in USA. I spent five months working at the salad bar where I was trained as an bartender. I also spent two months in reception where I learned how to make an reservation via phone calls for customers. Moreover, I worked at the accounting department for three months where I built up my financial skills in calculating the food budget. Through my working experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge on operating a restaurant, employee training, accounting, computer system input. Meanwhile, my communication and negociation skills also be highly eastablished.

    I see this position as a great opportunity for me to utilize what I have learnt from school and skills I obtained from previous working experience. I would like to work for your company by exploring my potentials. I will greatly appreciate if I can have a further chance to speak with you in person regarding the position you are seeking.

    Please free feel to contact me at (or +181-816-916-8853). Once again, thank you for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Your faithfully,

    Pei Chi, Lee

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    例如:Application in assistant manager in xxx dept.-Pei Chi, Lee

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    1. 如果知道你應徵的部門的經理或是主管或者是人事部經理的姓名,寫在開頭 Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. xxx是比較好的,如果真的不知道才寫 To whom it may concern

    2. 應徵信上面要寫你打寫這封信的日期、姓名、連絡電話、地址、EMAIL

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    3. 第一段寫上你從哪得知該公司有在應徵什麼職位的人,你什麼時候可以開始工作(有的話!可以附上你的履歷)

    4. 第二段寫上你的最高學歷、你的專業是什麼

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    5. 第三段寫上你最滿意或是評價最高的工作經驗、什麼樣的職位、學了什麼東西、你工作中的強項是什麼

    6. 第四段寫上你認為你有什麼樣的特質跟專業,是會讓該公司給你一個面試以及工作的機會

    7. 寫上感謝言

    參考資料: 我的經驗累積, 我的經驗累積, 我的經驗累積, 我的經驗累積, 我的經驗累積
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    1) Find out the recipient's name and best to address them as Ms/Mr. XXX rather than "to whom it may concern"

    2) first paragraph should always state your name, how you found out about this job and what abilities you have that are suitable for it

    3) 2nd and third paragraph should be succinct and precise about your talent/ abilities

    4) have a conclusion that gives them your contact information again and change tone according to the company's work culture. if work culture is competitive and aggressive => more aggressive tone

    For example:

    Subject: ABC company Marketing manager application

    Dear Mr. Craig,

    My name is -----, currently a graduate from ----- University majoring in Marketing. I heard about this job opportunity from (friend/ newspaper etc) and strong believe that my (talents: leadership skills/ strong persuasive skills etc) would be immensely helpful to your organization.

    (talent 1) is the most crucial thing for your company.... etc etc Elaborate the strength of their company and why this talent of yours is helpful.

    (talent 2) ....same thing

    conclusion: Please give me a chance to prove to you that I am the one you are looking for. My contact number is 123456789 and email is I will call back next Tuesday to talk in further details.




    ATTACH: resume

    參考資料: myself +book