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請幫我將這6段話翻成英文的 20點喔^^

1:我和同學在遊覽車上正要去玩水 。






這6段話請幫我翻成英文的^ ^


3: 我和A倫(人名)玩的太瘋正在補充體力當中。

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    1:我和同學在遊覽車上正要去玩水 。Me and my classmates are going to the beach(water park) on the (tour)bus.

    玩水別直翻英文會很怪 海邊beach 水上樂園water park

    2:全班同學都各自大聲的許下願望。All the classmates were shouting out loud with their wishes.

    3:和A倫(人名)依依不捨的在回憶畢業旅行這段美好的回憶即將結束。不好意思 是我中文不好嗎? 不太明白此句 可以白話點嗎?

    4:和Mr.董頂著大太陽在科學園區拍的。The photo was taken with me and Mr.Don under the hot(heavy) sun at the science museum.


    School reunion with my Junior high school mates at the restaurant, everyone of us enjoyed the food very much...

    6:哥哥18歲生日,全家(我們)都祝福著他成人了。This was my brother's 18th birthday, the whole family(we) cheered for him to turning into an adult(a growing man).

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    3: 我和A倫(人名)玩的太瘋正在補充體力當中。

    Me and Allen went to wild(crazy) and now we are recharging our energy.

    參考資料: 和外國人住了十幾年又教書的我
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    asuan 看就是網路翻譯


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    1. I and the schoolmate are just about to on the sightseeing bus plays

    the water

    2. Entire class schoolmates all each one loud promises the desire

    3. and allan is reluctant to part with A roentgen travels this

    section of happy recollection in the recollection graduation soon to

    end [ 人名不確定 ]

    4. With Mr. Dong Tingcho the sun pats in the science park area

    5. The schoolmate opens the fellow student association with the country in the dining room, each every all eats with gusto

    6. Elder brother the 18th birthday, entire family all prayed for heavenly blessing his adult

    參考資料: 奇摩字典&自己