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英文片語 造句不需要翻譯幫幫(1)--贈25


1。put away 儲存

2。put up with 忍受。容忍

3。out of question 不可能的

4。take one`s time 從容進行

5。result from 產生

6。make room for 挪出座位

7。in arow 排列成行

8。scatter about 驅散

9。take place 發生

10。set up  設立

11。show up 出席

12。give way of 放棄

13。in vain 徒勞

14。in spite of 不管

15。spy on 當間諜

16。stand up to 支持

17。turn a deaf ear of 不願聽

4 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    1。put away 儲存

    Put away your text book and get ready for the test.

    2。put up with 忍受。容忍

    I could hardly put up with him any longer.

    3。out of question 無庸置疑的

    It is out of question that she is not happy about this.

    4。take one`s time 從容進行

    Don't be in a hurry you can take your time.

    5。result from 產生

    He is kind of overweight and that result from unbalanced diet.

    6。make room for 挪出座位

    Please make room for this new friend.

    7。in a row 排列成行

    I am the last person in a row.

    8。scatter 驅散

    The police soon scatter the crowd.

    9。take place 發生

    When will the 2008 Olympic game take place?

    10。set up  設立

    A new company was set up across the street from the post office.

    11。show up 出席

    He didn't show up for our party last night.

    12。give up or put away 放棄

    This is a great idea please don't give it up .

    13。in vain 徒勞

    I work so hard on it and only to find out it is in vain.

    14。in spite of 不管

    We went out this morning in spite of the rain anyway.

    15。spy on 當間諜

    It's not polite to spy on someone's personal life.

    16。stand up to 面對

    Stand up to any situation you may face.

    17。turn a deaf ear of 不願聽

    If someone turns a deaf ear of you, they simply don't listen to you.

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    1 0 年前

    1.Put them away into the file.

    2.I cannot put up with your attitude this time.

    3.That is you only, out of question.

    4.He alwyas take his time in this case.

    5.Do you know it results from your carelessness?

    6.Hi, just make room for this old man!

    7.We always line in a row to buy the tickets.

    8.The police scatters about the people from the accident.

    9.How did it take place?

    10. Our company was set up in 2000.

    11.Why didn't you show up our meeting yesterday?

    12.Don't give way of this good opportunity!

    13.Why you again do it in vain?

    14.In spite of my failure, my boss still gives me one more chance.

    15.Don't spy on me, I am not a thief!

    16. You should stand up to my suggestions.

    17.We always turn a deaf ear of those advices we reject.

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  • 1 0 年前

    2. She could hardly put up with that fellow any longer.

    5. His illness resulted from bad food.

    9. When will the basketball game take place?

    10. A new government was set up after the war.

    11. Uncle George didn't show up for our wedding because he forgot.


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  • 1.Put away the tools.

    2.She put up with that fellow.

    3.Out of question, this is it.

    4.Take your time.

    5.His illness resulted from bad food.

    6.Make room for the elders.

    7.Please be in a row.

    8.People scatter about like the stars.

    9.When will the game take place?

    10.Set up these.

    11.You did not show up.

    12.I give way of that.

    13.It is in vain.

    14.In spite of that.

    15.Do not spy on me.

    16.She stand up to you.

    17.Do not turn a deaf ear of that.

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