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I am going to be the new student in International Business


When should I take the licence test?

What kind of licence should I take for the international business?

(as your experience)

How should I prepare for my licence?

Is it hard to study international business?


(1)what should I do on 9/4 P.S. the new students training day and

when it is going to be end (around what time)

(2)do we have swimming pool near our school

(3)do we have clubs in our school(what kind and can you make a list)

Thank you very much!

You are so nice!

Please tell me as far as you know!

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    are u Amarican or ... ?

    I'm a three-grade International business department student

    Actually...I don't know exactly when should take the licence test, but it's not in a hurry, so that's ok, don't worry about it

    we can take the accounting licence test and typing test as far as I know...maybe more......

    How should you prepare the licence? I just can say..just "practice", to buy some test books to practice.

    Is it hard to study international business? hmm.. sort of...

    9/4, just to know your classmates, school's environment, teachers, and clubs, about 11 or 12 o'clock will be end

    there's no swimming pool surrounded

    we have hot music club (haha,I'm the vice principal in that club),

    guitar club, dancing club, ballroom dancing club, 炬光,

    Traditional Chinese Music club, and many sports clubs...etc.

    welcome to join us!

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