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The third quarter begins with the child in a prone position, pivoting in circles on the stom-ach. The prone position has become a very sta-ble one for the baby. As a result of this in-creased stability, the baby can use more dissociated upper and lower extremity patterns of movement when playing in the prone posi-tion. Lateral flexion through the trunk is a strong component of movement, and the baby may play in a side-lying position.


Maintaining an unsupported sitting position is now accomplished with ease. The posture is steady and erect (Fig. 1-15) with the baby sit-ting erect for as long as half an hour. The child will occasionally lean forward on the hands for support. The hands are more typically engaged in a vanity of play activities: reaching out and grasping objects, banging them together, and bringing them to the mouth exploration.

The baby plays in a sitting position, using both hands to manipulate a toy. If the toy drops out of reach, the baby will shift his or her weight laterally in an attempt to retrieve the toy. Adequate mobil-itv of the hips may be lacking, however thus pre-venting the baby from moving into a side-sitting position. The lower extremities may still be used for stability, which is shown by the baby’s use of a wide-based. Ring-sitting position.

Some children will ‘hitch’ or ‘scoot’ in sit-ting. The child leans on one hand and laterally rotates the leg in that side down onto the sup-port surface while the other leg is elevated with the foot in a plantigrade posture. Next, the child steps out with the elevated leg, plants that foot and, simultaneously pushing with the other leg, slides the buttocks across the floor.

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    第三季度從孩子開始在一個有傾向位置的有傾向位置, 在軸上旋轉在圈子在胃。有傾向位置成為了一非常穩定一個為嬰孩。由於這增加的穩定, 嬰孩能使用運動的被離解的上部和更低的肢樣式當演奏在有傾向位置。側向彎曲通過樹幹是運動一個強的組分, 並且嬰孩也許演奏在一個邊說謊的位置。

    坐的位置堅守一個無支持的坐的陣地容易地現在被完成。姿勢是平穩和筆直(圖1-15) 以嬰孩開會筆直為只要半小時。孩子偶爾地將傾斜今後在手為支持。手更加典型參與戲劇活動虛榮: 提供援助和掌握對象, 一起猛擊他們, 和帶來他們給嘴探險。

    嬰孩戲劇在一個坐的位置, 使用兩隻手操作玩具。如果玩具退出伸手可及的距離, 嬰孩側向地將轉移他們的重量為檢索玩具。臀部的充分mobil itv 也許缺乏, 然而如此防止嬰孩搬入一個邊坐的位置。更低的肢也許仍然被使用為穩定, 由嬰孩的用途對顯示基於寬。圓環坐的位置。一些孩子願` 栓' 或` scoot ' 在坐。孩子傾斜一方面和側向地轉動腿邊下來支持表面當另一腿被舉起以腳在一個plantigrade 姿勢。其次,

    孩子跨步以被舉起的腿, 腳和, 同時推擠以另一腿, 幻燈片屁股橫跨地板的植物。

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