HP X5400fm 驅動程式?

我剛買了一台HP X5400按照使用說明書安裝以後 將光碟放入 要安裝驅動程式 卻無法安裝 根本找不到驅動程式 請問有人有類似的問題嗎? 或是該如何解決阿?

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    for winxp driver download =>


    PS. Installation Instructions

    1. Download the driver update.

    2. Double-click the icon for the update downloaded in step 1, and then click NEXT.

    3. Accept the license terms, and then click NEXT.

    4. Click YES to install the update.

    5. Follow on screen instructions.

    6. Click YES to restart Media Center PC or Digital Entertainment Center upon completion of the update.

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