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在女孩還小的時候,她常常可以聽見外婆爽朗的笑聲... ...聽著聽著,連她自己也笑了。




有時候的晚上,女孩常常會不禁想起外婆,只要一想到外婆痛苦的表情,她甚至落下了淚來... ...

於是,在母親節時,女孩做了一朵紙康乃馨給外婆,希望她能帶給外婆好運,並讓她並快點好起來... ...至少開朗的她是這麼想的... ...


「真是太好了!」女孩在心底小小聲的說著 ──



另外,可以的話,請大家盡量不要用程式翻譯......^ ^"


答案請寄到我信箱: 謝謝了!!

還有請幫幫我推薦一些好聽的英文歌十首左右,多也沒關係~[作者/歌名] ,新舊都可以!可是盡量是沒有飆高音的!!!!謝謝啦!!! > ///<




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    以下是我自己翻的(有稍做修改) 可能會有點小錯誤:

    There was a girl.

    The little girl has a grandmother who was kind and cheerful.

    When the girl was still little, she often heard her grand mother laughting, and when she listen to it, she smiles too.

    She still remember her grandma used to say " just be happy!" all the time, and these words made her

    a happy person.

    Still, People gets old.

    Her grandma got sick finally, and her helth problem is getting worse day after day. She coulden't do

    anything but to stay in bad. Everyone in the family was thinking " is grandma going to be alright?"

    Some day late at night, the girl would think about her grandma, when she came up with the sight of

    her grandma's painful facial expression, she coulden't help but burst into tears.......

    On the mother's day, the girl made a paper carnations for her grandma and wish her good helth.

    "She will be fine soon." Thought the girl hopefully.

    Shortly after, the girl's dreams really came true! Her grandma's helth got alot more better.

    The girl was happy and thankful,

    "This is so great." thought the girl.

    Deep form the heart, the girl cried: "Love you forever, grandma!"

    關於推薦的英文歌曲 我有幾首不錯的 不過年代相差不少@@:

    1. Let it be (披頭四)

    2. Desperado (老鷹合唱團)

    3. Hotel California 同上

    4. I Dont Want to Miss a Thing (史密斯飛船 也是電影"世界末日"的主題曲)

    5. Dream on 演唱者同上

    6. Patience (接招合唱團)

    7. Numb (聯合公園的 是新金屬樂團 所以會有點吵@@)

    8. Shadow of the day 演唱者同上

    9. In between 演唱者還是同上@@

    10. miles away (瑪丹娜)

    2008-08-19 19:23:46 補充:


    2008-08-19 19:45:32 補充:

    驚! 忘了給你歌詞 在此補上:

    第一首Let it be


    第三首Hotel California

    2008-08-19 19:49:28 補充:

    第四首I Dont Want to Miss a Thing

    第五首Dream on


    2008-08-19 19:55:10 補充:


    第八首Shadow of the day

    第九首In between

    2008-08-19 19:55:54 補充:

    最後一首~miles away

    以上都是以前知識+的問題 因為補充內容篇幅有限 所以只能給你網址囉

    參考資料: 全都是自己^^, 以前的知識+
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    A girl, she has a cheerful andthe grandmother.

    In the girls were small, she often can hear the laughter grandmother Shuanglang ... ... Tingzhetingzhao, even her own also laughed.

    She also remember grandmother's pet phrase is: "just happy!" This sentence has been imprinted in her mind, she also created a cheerful personality.

    However, people will always be the old.

    One day, grandmother sick, the body increasingly weak and can only be lying in bed, can do nothing. All the families are very worried: "grandmother is not well» "

    Sometimes the evening, girls often can not but recall grandmother, the grandmother thought as long as a painful facial expression, she even came to the tears ... ...

    Thus, in the Mother's Day, the girls do a paper carnations to the grandmother, grandmother hope she can bring good luck, and let her get better and faster ... ... at least she is cheerful think so ... ...

    Shortly after, the girl's dreams really come true! Grandmother's disease finally a lot of good. Girls are also very grateful to be happy,

    "It's great!" In the hearts of little girls sound says ─ ─

    "Grandmother, I will always love you!"

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