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superolateral major fissure

superomsdial major fissure

vertical fissure

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    這些醫學名詞用醫學辭典, 可以字對字翻譯, 並不難.

    superolateral major fissure 上外側大裂隙

    superomsdial major fissure 上內側大裂隙 英文應是 superomedial, MS 是 ME 之誤.

    vertical fissure 垂直裂隙

    但這幾個名詞是放射線科醫生在解讀胸腔X 光或 CT 掃描時, 利用這些在影片上, 正常出現的幾條裂隙, 依照它們紋線的變化, 來診斷有否有腫瘤, 發炎, 血管等疾病的可能性, 這是非常深度的幾個醫學解剖名詞, 我很好奇, 請能否告訴我, 您既然對此有興趣, 一定是醫界中人, 為何不會翻譯成中文?

    The major fissure is an important anatomic landmark in the interpretation of chest radiographs and computed tomographic (CT) scans. At radiography, the major fissures normally appear as hairlines of soft-tissue density; at conventional CT, they typically appear as lucent, hypovascular bands; and at high-resolution CT, they most often appear as sharp lines. The superolateral major fissure usually manifests as a curving edge at the upper lateral lung field with lateral opacity and medial lucency. The vertical fissure line appears as a fine, linear shadow, commencing in or near the costophrenic angle and coursing upward. The superomedial major fissure manifests as a short, obliquely oriented straight line. Progressive widening of the major fissure inferiorly manifests as a triangular area of increased opacity and represents intrafissural fat. Various inflammatory, granulomatous, neoplastic, and abnormal hemodynamic conditions involving the major fissure can affect its imaging appearance. Oblique orientation of the major fissure may complicate radiographic interpretation. The fissure may be incomplete or absent, complicating identification of various diseases. An incomplete major fissure may lead to disease spread, collateral air drift, or the "incomplete fissure sign," a sign that may, however, also be present in cases of complete fissure. Knowledge of the anatomy and normal variants of the major fissures is essential for recognizing their variable imaging appearances as well as related abnormalities.

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