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To Whom It May Concern

My name is *******, I deeply appreciated that you take time on

my resume. I was born in Changhua, Taiwan. There are six people in

my family, my parents, two younger sisters, one younger brother and

me. Since little, I have been taught to be a good older sister by my par

ents; therefore, I am more mature than other people the same age.

As for my personality, I will describe myself as an active, responsible, kind, modest and easy-going person. If my family and friends meet the difficult problem, I, If I could, will give them a favor. Besides, I always pay attention to and listen carefully to the person who talks to me. I think that is a good attitude for getting along with others.

In my spare time, I like to read novels, go to see movies, and take a stroll. I think reading and seeing movies can enlarge my knowledge, and get me experience different life.

As for my work experiences, after graduated from college, I found a job as a assistant in ****** University, the job function is recruitment of students, arrangement of curriculum. This is my first job, I learn a lot experiences such as getting along with different people, administrative management. For working attitude, I always think” finishing job is must, well done, however, is plus” so I always do things for my best.

I just got a master of Education in National **** University . my major is edcational technology . It is about e-learning and my essay is talking about multimedia material design. I learn lots of knowledge of multimedia materials during my school time.

I am still new in working field, but I have strong energy and lots of ideas , I hope that I can join the e-learning and education field, and become a useful people in the future.



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    "I am deeply appreciative that you have taken the time to read my resume..."

    "There are six people in my family: my parents, two younger sisters, one younger brother and myself."

    "Since my childhood, I have been taught to be a good older sister by my parents. I have learned a lot from this experience, and as a result have become more mature than other people my same age."

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    參考資料: 很不錯的求職翻譯部落格
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