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History, of course, can still cause friction, a fact brought home last month when South Korea recalled its ambassador to Tokyo after Japan said a new textbook guide would refer to tiny, desolate islets claimed by both countries as Japanese territory.

The dispute dates back to the end of World War Two, when Japan was expelled as the colonial ruler of the Korean peninsula. Japan has similar territorial rows with China and Russia.

“The governments in all these countries broadly would like these issues to go away, but they are always vulnerable to being stirred up, especially when elected politicians want to distract people,” Deans said.

But Fukuda, whose support ratings are still lingering around 30 percent despite a cabinet reshuffle this month, is concentrating now on trying to cheer gloomy consumers as much as possible within the constraints of a bulging public debt.



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    歷史, 當然, 可能仍然導致摩擦, 一事實被帶來的家庭上個月當南韓召回了它的大使駐東京在日本以後說一個新課本指南會提到微小, 落寞小島由兩個國家要求作為日本疆土。爭執建於世界大戰二的結尾, 當日本被逐出了作為朝鮮半島的殖民地統治者。日本有相似的領土列與中國和俄國。"政府在所有這些國家寬廣地會希望這些問題走開, 但他們總是脆弱的對是被攪動的, 特別是當當選政客想要分散人," 教務長說。

    但Fukuda, 支持規定值是拖延大約百分之30 儘管內閣重組這個月, 現在集中設法歡呼陰沉的消費者儘量在凸起的公債的限制之內。

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