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The great barrier reef is located northeast Australia the Queensland province to start out from opposite directions folio, it goes through vertically winds in the Australian East China Sea shore, the span 2011 kilometers, widest place 161 kilometers. The south tip of most is far away the seacoast 241 kilometers; north most part leaves the seacoast only 16 kilometers. When ebb tide, the partial coral reefs reveal the water surface to form the coral island. Here scenery enchanting, precipitous not measured that, the current of water exceptionally is complex, survives 400 kind of different type coral reefs, including in the world the biggest coral reef, the fish 1500 kinds, the mollusk reaches 4000 kinds, the accumulation birds 242 kinds, has the advantageous scientific research condition, here certain frequencies near extinguishes the animal species habitat. North gets up the York angle, south arrives at the class to reach Bergh, is continuous more than 2500 kilometers. In the reef the zoology and botany variety is many, is the world




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    The location of the great barrier reef is opposite to the Queensland province which is located at northeast of Australia , the reef goes vertically alongside the Australian East China Sea shore, the span is 2011 kilometers, widest place is161 kilometers. The longest distance between the reef ‘s southern tip and the seacoast is 241 kilometers, and the northern tip leaves the seacoast is only 16 kilometers., during the ebb, partial coral reefs will reveal from the water to form coral islands.


    The scenery of here is enchanting, but the exceptionally complex currents are precipitous and hard to be prevented, and the reef surviving 400 kinds of different types of coral reefs, including the biggest coral reef of the world, 1500 kinds of fishes, the amount of mollusks reach 4000 kinds, the gathering birds have 242 kinds, So, there are abundance of scientific research resources here, and this place is a habitat for near extinct species also. North from of the York angle to southern Bergh, the reef is continuous more than 2500 kilometers. and there are the largeest species of creatures in the world over the reef.

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    上句之" 對開 " 意思如是" 斜對角" 的意思,The location of the great barrier reef is opposite to the Queensland province 應改為

    The location of the great barrier reef is ( diagonally) opposite to the Queensland province

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    參考資料: 奇摩字典
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