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Which place's tuition is cheap

I've wanted to apply for a school in either Utah or Ohio

1.Which place is cheaper?

2.If I apply for a community college can I live in a dormitory?

3.How much will it cost to live in a dorm in either places assumably?

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    1, probably I will say Ohio it may be cheaper, especially in southern part of Ohio.

    2. normally the community college does not provide the housing, but you can check with school.

    3. with my past exierences when I lived in the dorm, it costs from US$350 to US$550, it depends on which school and the location.

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    you know there are hundreds of colleges, state or private, big or small, in Utah and Ohio? Can you be more specific?

    2. if they have one, and if you apply, and if they take you, then yes, you can.

    3. ask the school directly.