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    因"阿旺車隊"的問題,我特別查了這首歌的名字,這首歌是由周華健所唱的 We're All Along 給喜歡這首歌的大大作參考喲^^

    2008-08-27 14:17:53 補充:


    2008-08-27 14:23:08 補充:


    We're all alone

    Outside the rain begins

    And it may never end

    So cry no more

    On the shore a dream will take us out to sea

    Forever more. Forever more

    Close your eyes and dream

    And you can be with me

    Neath the waves

    Through the caves of hours

    Long forgotten now

    We're all alone. We're all alone

    2008-08-27 14:23:15 補充:

    Close the window. Calm the light

    And it will be alright

    No need to bother now

    Let it out, let it all begin

    Learn how to pretend ( my love )

    Once a story's told

    It can't help but grow old

    Roses do, lovers too

    So cast your seasons to the wind

    And hold me dear, Hold me dear

    參考資料: , 轉載來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網, 轉載來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網