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    This research finds organization's the member's personal attribute to all present notable difference to cultural difference and personality each variable of characteristic as a result, but to creative each variable of behavior, only the sex present notable difference.Find in the interview the result, cross-straits because the misunderstanding of cultural environment, is influence in the promotion the creative process to the enterprise;Just analyze the top of the influence of the cross-straits cultural difference upon the creative behavior through the regression to all have the influence of notable on each whole factor.Among them, in the rigid society of the sun in the cultural difference and lead to wait for a factor over a long period of time, all to innovation speculation of promoting of creation and innovation speculation and innovate the fulfillment of speculation present notable sex influence.When this research suggestion capital from Taiwan enterprise sends employee to the mainland, in addition to considering employee's personal characteristic, should evaluate its orientation to the cultural difference ability and quell the influence of the cultural difference upon the employee to promote and promote the motive of the employee's innovation behavior.The research result will also provide capital from Taiwan business executive can by manage a style by adjusting it, provide appropriate innovation to encourage factor, with respond different cultural background organization member's need, then promote whole management effect.

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    this survey shows the outstanding difference of the personal characters and culture between two sides of the Taiwan Strait . as for the innovation, the difference is limited in the gender.

    during the interview, we find the influence on the process of innovation which is related to the culture gap . the effect is shown up by recursive analyze.

    the concept and activity of innovation is deeply affected by the aspect of the Patrilineal Society and long-term inclining.

    the survey suggest that any Taiwanese assigned to the mainland China has to be evaluated by his personal characters which is related to the culture gap. he has to be accustomed to the culture difference in order to stimulate his innovative motive.

    the managers of Taiwanese companies can adjust the management style by this survey and support the proper spiritual factors for their members . furthermore, the survey can also upgrade the entire management effect.*****