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(英文)請英文高手造句~ well as

2.throw a party

3.turn into something

4.vanish into thin air

5.before long out of

7.get lost

8.keep on doing

9.scared to death

10.keep ones head

11.look for

12put something off on the cutting edge

14.catch someone red-handed

15.learn the ropes crazy about something

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    1. Peter as well as I like to go swimming in summer.


    2. In order to celebrate Tom's birthday , we decide to throw a party for him.


    3. After several weeks developing , the caterpillar finally turned into a butterfly.


    4. The eagle flies so high and then vanishes into the air.


    5. The bus will be driven away before long.


    6. The car has run out of gas , so I can't drive it now.


    7. Jack always brings a map with him so as not to get lost at any unfamiliar places.


    8. Tina keeps on studying after answering the phone.


    9. The mouse was scared to death after seeing the big cat.


    10. I try to keep my head when I get into trouble.


    11. Lisa is looking for her glasses in her bedroom.


    12. Ken felt so hot that he couldn't help but put his jacket off.


    13. The software is on the cutting edge of today's technology.


    14. The police caught the robber red-handed last week.


    15. Being a college freshman , I must learn the ropes.


    16. Steve is crazy about the pop computer games.


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