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請幫我中翻英這段 (20點)急死!!

談論關於自己......那我就先從我家庭背景說起吧!我ㄧ家4口,爸爸平時看起來嚴肅,但管教卻是很名主,媽媽就只有2個字可形容,嘮叨,而我弟,他內向又兼小氣,平時跟他沒什麼互動,說完家庭,接下來我就說說關於自己的個性,我的個性和善,不喜歡與人發生衝突,但有ㄧ個缺點,不擅於拒絕別人,我的興趣是唱歌 跳舞 和睡覺,對於讀書,我只對自己有幫助的書有興趣而已,我的志向是長大想當醫生或護士,雖然很辛苦,但其他職業我都不感興趣,今年升上高一,我希望往後的3年能夠多采多姿。

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    談論關於自己......那我就先從我家庭背景說起吧!我ㄧ家4口,爸爸平時看起來嚴肅,但管教卻是很名主,媽媽就只有2個字可形容,嘮叨,而我弟,他內向又兼小氣,平時跟他沒什麼互動,說完家庭,接下來我就說說關於自己的個性,我的個性和善,不喜歡與人發生衝突,但有ㄧ個缺點,不擅於拒絕別人,我的興趣是唱歌 跳舞和睡覺,對於讀書,我只對自己有幫助的書有興趣而已,我的志向是長大想當醫生或護士,雖然很辛苦,但其他職業我都不感興趣,今年升上高一,我希望往後的3 年能夠多采多姿。

    Talking about myself...Well, let me start with my family background. My family consists of 4 members. My father usually looks serious, but he is democratic with our education. What I can describe my mother is she is a nag. Meanwhile, my brother is introverted as well as sulky. He is not very active in his social life. After talking about my family, I would like to talk about my personality next. I am easy to be with and do not like to to get into an argument with other people. However, I have a weakness. I am not good at rejecting other people’s offers. My interest is singing, dancing and sleeping. For studying, I am only interested in books which will are helpful to me. My ambition is to become a doctor or nurse in the future. I know it is very hard for me, but there is no any other career I am interested in. I am Grade 10 this year. I hope that my life in the upcoming 3 years will be stimulating.

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    I am in Grade 10 this year.

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    Discuss concerning oneself......That I speak of from my family background first!My ㄧ 4 people in the house, father at ordinary tiems look seriously, but the tube teach is very lord, mother only 2 words can describe, loquacious, and my younger brother, he is introverted in addition stingy, the peacetime interacts with his nothing and say that finish a family, connected down me to say concerning own personality, my personality is kind and genial, don't like to conflict with others, but have the ㄧ the weakness, be not good at refusing other people, my interest is to sing a song dance and sleeping, for study, I just to I the book doing good has interest, my life ambition grows up to want to be doctor or nurse, although very hard, other occupations I am uninterested, rise Gao Yi this year, I hope hereafter of can be colorful for 3 years.

    參考資料: 自己
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    談論關於自己......那我就先從我家庭背景說起吧!我ㄧ家4口,爸爸平時看起來嚴肅,但管教卻是很名主,媽媽就只有2個字可形容,嘮叨,而我弟,他內向又兼小氣,平時跟他沒什麼互動,說完家庭,接下來我就說說關於自己的個性,我的個性和善,不喜歡與人發生衝突,但有ㄧ個缺點,不擅於拒絕別人,我的興趣是唱歌 跳舞 和睡覺,對於讀書,我只對自己有幫助的書有興趣而已,我的志向是長大想當醫生或護士,雖然很辛苦,但其他職業我都不感興趣,今年升上高一,我希望往後的3年能夠多采多姿。

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    In regard to me,first,let's start with my family.I have four people in my family.My dad usually looks serious,but he disciplines us democratically.And there are only two words that can describe her---chattered.

    My brother,shy also miserly, I have little interaction with him.Let's talk about my characters, gentle ,not liking to have coflicts with others.But I have a drawback, not good at in refusing others.My interst is singing,dancing and sleeping.About studying ,I'm only interested in books which is helpful for me.My aspiration is to be a doctor or a nurse . Althought that will be so hard,I'm not interested in another jobs.This year , I'm a freshman in high school,and I hope 3 years in the future will be varied and graceful.

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    Discussion about oneself.....Then I on first said from my family

    background!My family of four, daddy usually looks like seriouslyBut teachs actually is the very famous host, mother only has two

    characters to be possible to describe that, talks incessantlyBut my younger brother, his introversion also concurrently is mean

    spirited, usually does not have any interaction with him, said the

    family, receives me said about own individuality,Does not like with the person having the conflict, but has ashortcoming, does not do without authorization Yu Chu? the others, myinterest is sings dances and sleeps,Regarding studies, I only have the help to oneself the book to havethe interest, my ambition is grows up wants to work as doctor or the

    nurse,Although is very laborious, but other occupations I all am not

    interested, this year rises high one, I hoped in the future 3 years

    will be able 夠 to pick varied.

    那個夠不知道怎麼翻= =


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    Talks about about oneself. . . . . . Do that I then first from I family background talk about! I ㄧ will be 4, Father usually seemses seriously, But subject sb. to discipline but is very given name hoster, Mother nothings but 2 words can describe, Chatter, But I younger brother, He introverted and ands stingy, Usually with his nothing at all interaction, Says finish family, After this I then talks about about own character, My character kindness, Does not like with people take place collision, Will have ㄧ a shortcoming, Not arrogate to oneself in refuses the other, My interest is sing Dance Sum sleep, Towards study, I only to oneself helpful book have interest, My ambition is grow up want while doctor or nurse, Though very hardworking, But other occupation I all not take interest in, This year raises on high one, I hope in the future be able to many pick up coquettish in 3.

    參考資料: 電腦
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