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Afflict & Distress之差異。

Afflict:使...痛苦 <v.>

Distress:使...痛苦<v.> 痛苦<n.>



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    Afflict (v.) : To make someone suffer or experience serious problem

    讓某人痛苦或是經歷嚴重的問題. 常用於被動時態.

    例句: be afflicted with / by: A country is afflicted by famine.

    Distress (n.) :

    1. Extreme worry -- a feeling of extreme worry and unhappiness. 感到非常擔心和不快樂.


    a. Luke's destructive behaviour caused his parents great distress. Luck 的破壞行為讓他的父母非常的擔心.

    b. in distress -- The girl was crying and clearly in distress.


    2. Pain -- great physical pain 身體上極大的痛苦

    3. Lake of money / food -- a situation in which you suffer or have great problems because you have no money, food etc.


    a. in distress -- Charities that aid families in distress.

    慈善金急助了家庭缺(錢)糧 (的問題)

    b. Charities that aid families acute financial distress.

    慈善金急助了家庭極度缺錢 (的問題)

    4. Distress signal -- a message sent from a ship, aircraft etc. asking for help 一個從船上或飛機等傳出的訊息, 一個求救訊號

    5. Be in distress -- if a ship, aircraft etc. is in distress, it is in danger of sinking or crashing 若船支或飛機等 is in distress, 表試船支或飛機正面臨沈船或墜機.

    Distress (v.) : To make someone feel extremely upset and worried 使某人感到非常難過或擔心

    參考資料: BBC
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  • John
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    Afflict: 習慣上是用於肉體上的痛苦,如病痛、戰爭、饑餓...



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  • tammy
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    1 0 年前


    If you "are afflicted" by pain,illness,or disaster, it affects you badly and makes you suffer.

    Ex: There are two main problems which afflict people with hearing impairments.


    If someone or something "distresses"you , they cause you to be upset or worried.

    Ex: The idea of her brother being in danger distresses her enormously.

    參考資料: dictionaries
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