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    The American government's petroleum investigates when the scientist

    enplane flew over Alaska Chu K'och'i on the other day the sea,

    discovered crowd of polar bears central carried in the sea float carry

    sink, border on the death.

    This crowd of polar bear is because of The rushing current has survived the polar ice

    melting, but falls into in the boundless sea, they swim depending on

    the intuition toward the north, but non- is away from approximately 96

    kilometers recent lands to the Southern Dynasty to swim.

    But because whole world warm, ices the hat melt speed too quickly, the

    recent floating ice also is away from about more than 600 kilometer

    far, calculated the polar bear excels to swim, must swim the such far

    distance to be also difficult like to ascend to heaven, some polar

    bears furiously swam more than 100 kilometers, when arrives at the

    destination is already exhausted, some several are drown to death in

    the halfway.

    The world natural foundation was considering requested the American

    government dispatch ships, save these polar bears.The natural foundation indicated, because climate vicissitude caused

    the North Pole to melt the ice speed quickly to formerly, the polar

    bear had to find food and the habitat, had You Kengyuan the distance

    only then to be good; But in the breadth broad North Pole, can see

    Xiong Ch'un in marine wanders, meant this kind of situation quite is

    possibly common, perhaps the North Pole other areas also have the more

    polar bears bitter experience similar difficult position.

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    One hundred li seeks ice The polar bear drowning

    The update date: 2008/09/01 04:09

    [Compile Zheng temple sound / comprehensive dispatch ], petroleum of U.S. government investigate scientist take plane fly over Alaska clear department at the strange sea a few days ago, find that a herd of polar bears float and sink in year in the year in the middle of sea , is close to the death.

    What the polar bear depend on for existence the ice is melted very much, and fall into the boundless and indistinct sea, they intuitively travel around north, but not land visit recently to the Southern Dynasties about 96 of distance.

    But global and warm to melt, the icecap melts the speed too fast, the nearest distance too of floating ice is about more than 600 kilometers far, even if the polar bear is good at swimming, is it visit such a far difficult to publish heaven distance to want, some polar bears do all one can to visit more than 100 kilometers, but already drained while reaching the destination, several drown in the midway even more.

    WWF is considering asking the U.S. government to send the ship, to save these polar bears .

    The natural foundation expresses , because climate changes cause North pole to melt the speed of icing and is faster than in the past, the polar bear should find the food and habitat, will be all right only if swim in farther distance; At North pole with a vast territory , can see that Xiong Qun drifts about on the sea , means this kind of situation may be quite general, perhaps the area of his has more polar bears that encounter the same predicament deeply in the north.

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