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    Ah Guan is now working in a bar and she doesn't want her new boyfriend to know the existence of her daughter, Little Chia. So, she locks her up in the wardrobe.


    In the stuffy and dark space, Little Chia peeps as her mother and the boyfriend get carried away by pleasure outside the wardrobe.


    For a few thousand dollars the man quarrels with Ah Guan and he beats her up. The man rips her off, body and cash, and leaves her behind.


    Being left behind, Ah Guan leaves Little Chia alone in the dark house and goes out.


    The time passes minute by minute. The door of the wardrobe slides open. Little Chia sits in the wardrobe, staring indifferently at the bloody mess in the house.

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    Ah Guan, who works in night club, didn't expect her new boyfriend to know the existence of her daughter-Xiao Jia, so she locked her up in closet.


    Xiao Jia peeped through the darkness of closet, seeing them flirting with each other.


    Because of the arguement for thousands bucks, the man attacked Ah Guan. He raped her, took away all the money and then left.


    Ah Guan abandoneded Xia Jia in dark closet and left as well. As times went on, Xia Jia opened the door of closet gently and sat in closet.

    She glanced over the mess of the room coldly.

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    Goes to work in the hotel Arab League is winsome will not hope the new

    boyfriend knew the daughter small good existence, then small good will

    close in the wardrobe, in 沈滯 the black space, slightly good will

    steal peeps the mother and the boyfriend seeks pleasure outside the

    wardrobe. In order to capture several thousand, the man with Arab

    League winsomely had the dispute, the woman has been hit by the man,

    after the man plundered finishes woman's body and the money drops out

    her to depart. Is gotten rid of after Arab League to be winsome, also

    small good will get rid in the dark room then leaves the gate, along

    with a time minute second past, the wardrobe gate has gently opened,

    the small good indifferently seat looked at in the room in the

    wardrobe a piece of disorder.

    參考資料: 快譯通
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    A Juan hotel to work in the new boyfriend does not want her daughter to know the existence of small-kai, put on the best locked up in wardrobe, Shen stagnation in the black space, a small peeping good mother and her boyfriend in the closet, Xunhuan Fun. To seize thousands of pieces, men had a dispute with the A Juan, the women were men fought, men looted the end of women's body and into the money after she left. A Juan after being abandoned, they will abandon the small-kai in the dark in the house would go out, as time a single minute of the past, the wardrobe door gently opened, sitting in the small closet remain indifferent toward good-looking A house in a mess.