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請幫我翻譯這段話 急!!

北美土撥鼠在美國被稱為草原狗(Prairie Dog),主要是因為牠們的體型比一般土撥鼠要大上很多倍,有如小狗,而且牠們的叫聲也與小狗十分類似.牠們所聚居的區域稱為狗鎮Dog Town或狗市Dog city,也可見佔地之廣.牠們可以開鑿出數十尺深的隧道系統,做為棲息與儲存食物的處所.因此牠們並不常遷移.由於牠們盤據的區域無法耕種或放牧,因此美國政府和民間都將北美土撥鼠視為害獸,長期有計畫的消滅牠們,直到近年因為數量已降低到瀕危的程度才又回過頭來加以保護..牠們其實是與松鼠同科的動物,與一般松鼠或是花栗鼠是親戚,只是牠們是地棲而不是樹棲.

請問可以幫我翻成英文嗎? 急~!!!!

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    Groundhog in the North American prairie dogs known as the United States (Prairie Dog), mainly because of their size larger than normal Groundhog many times, like puppies and their puppies and also sounds very similar . They live in the town of the region known as a dog or dogs Dog Town City Dog city, an area that has the breadth. They can dig out dozens of feet deep tunnel system, as habitat and storage of food premises. It They often do not move. Because they can not be set according to the regional farming or grazing, the United States Government and civil Groundhog will be deemed to harm animals in North America, the long-term plan to eliminate them, because until recent years the number has been reduced to endangered Only the degree of protection and come back to them .. and the squirrel is in fact the same family of animals, and the general squirrels or Huali Shu relatives, but they are not in arboreal habitat.

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