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題目:Life is candy

內容:Sometime the candy are sweet or sour,also the is,too.When you

looking this article, maybe you are happy,maybe you are sad,

however ,this yourlife,a candy life.Because if you happy,just like

sweet candy,in addtion if sad,it a sour candy.So which do you want,

sweet or sour one. = ='''好像太短了,是不是可以順便幫忙加長,謝謝

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    Life is like candy

    sometimes when you eat candies, you can taste sweet or sour. It is like you are reading this article, you may be happy or maybe sad. However, this is your life, a life like candies, if you are happy, then your life is like a sweet candy. In the contrast, if you are sad, then you are like a sour candy.

    Being a sweet candy or a sour candy is your choice, and it is your choice to choose what candy do you like.

    參考資料: myself
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