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1971年10月14日《紐約郵報》刊登了一個故事,故事的名字叫《回家》(Going Home):長途車上坐著一位沉默不語的男子,在同車的年輕遊客的盤問下終於開了口。原來他剛從監獄出來,釋放前曾寫信給妻子:如果她已另有歸宿,他也不責怪她;如果她還愛著他,願意他回去,就在鎮口的老橡樹上系一根黃絲帶;如果沒有黃絲帶,他就會隨車而去,永遠不會去打擾她……汽車快到目的地了,車上的人們都坐在靠窗戶的位上往外看,只有這位男子不敢張望,他害怕迎面而來的可能是失望……突然間,全車的人都沸騰起來:遠遠望去,鎮口的老橡樹上掛了幾十上百條黃絲帶,這些黃絲帶像歡迎的旗幟迎風飄揚……


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    " New York Post " publish one story will it be October 14 1971, story " come back home " (Going Home) : A man keeping silent sits on the long-distance car, opened one's mouth under the cross-examining of the young visitors in the same car at last. He just came out from the prison originally, have written to the wife before releasing: If she has already had homes besides, he does not blame her either; If she still loves him, is willing he goes back, tie a yellow silk ribbon on the old oak of the mouth of town; Without yellow silk ribbon, he will leave with the car, will never go to bother her The car is almost to the destination, people at the car sit at the location by the window looking at outside, only this man does not dare to look at, the possibility that he fears to come head-on is disappointed Suddenly, the people of the whole car seethe with excitement: Look far into the distance far, dozens of more than one hundred yellow silk ribbons are hung on the old oak of the town mouth, these yellow silk ribbons wave against the wind as the flag of welcoming

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    October 14, 1971, "the New York Post" carried a story, the story is called the "home" (Going Home): long-distance car sat silent language of a man in the car with the young visitors interrogations Under finally Kai Lekou. He originally from prison out before the release of a letter to his wife: If she has another purpose, he did not blame her if she still loves him, he is willing to go back, in the town on the mouth of an old oak Yellow Ribbon root; Yellow Ribbon If not, he would lorry left, never to disturb her…… destination of the vehicle approaching, the people are sitting in the car on the outside of the windows, only The man did not dare Zhang Wang, he came in the face of fear may be disappointed…… Suddenly, all cars are boiling up: If viewed far, the old town of Oak mouth hung dozens of the hundreds of yellow ribbons, These yellow ribbons as a welcome banner fluttering in the wind……

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