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在語言方面,我的英文一直在持續進修中,唯有讓自己不斷進步,所看的眼界才會越寬廣,我有這份自信,只要靠著不斷努力,有決心、有毅力,絕對能夠勝任, 貴公司所交付的各項職責。真誠希望能成為 貴公司的其中一份子,我願意把自己的心力都放在美麗產業。

My work attitude is very positive, meets own to pursue the pursue the goal, then achieved own request, hoped, takes the good part which the future will have the opportunity to be able in which overseas to study the union domestic studies me to unify in together, will let Taiwan improve looks the education industry also to be able to go out for a piece of day.

In the language aspect, my English skill is continues to take advanced courses. Only has lets oneself unceasingly progress, looked the field of vision only then can broader, believes oneself, the respect personally melts, the creativity is comprehensive, lets the beautiful industry more and more be in vogue. I have this self-confidence, so long as depends on unceasingly diligently, some determinations, has the will, to can be competent, your firm pays each responsibility. The sincere hope can become your firm individual contribution, I am willing all to put own mental effort on the beautiful industry.

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    I have positive working attitude and effectively pursue my own dream that achieve my expectation. I hope someday I have an opportunity to be able to combine my study

    in overseas and domestic practical skill together which unify base of good parts, in order to improve education of beauty care industry and success in the future in Taiwan.

    In the language aspect, I continue my English course in advanced. I think only progress self ward is the best way to broad vision of field. I have self-confidence to accept challenges, so long as I am diligently keep walking patience and determine to overcome all the obstacles that company consign to me for this competency.

    I sincerely hope to work in your firm. I am willing all to contribute my effort on the beautiful industry.

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