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幫我翻譯成英文,謝謝 有急需



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    I had previously seen a television series, is described as a piano virtuoso, because their sense of anxiety, often in concert performances important disorders. His teachers know that he has very good performance skills, but playing a lack of emotional content. He said that when the teacher suggested a music concert at heart is to think about a certain play, his friends suggested that he, Qutan a love!

    I think this is a hope that the players will be able to experience life in the performances to interpret, because such a life experience, can play music for the sympathy from the audience. Music students can not only practicing musical instruments, ready to perform like coming to power. Has rich experience of life, a study music, or some professional background of students, the efforts of life, to experience life in all kinds of feelings, for they believe that these are helpful.

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    I have seen a movie about a pianist who always performed badly in major concerts because of the internal anxiety. His teacher also knew that though this pianist got artful performance on the piano, there was a lack of affection in his performances. Thus, his teacher advised that he could perform better if there was someone he played the piano for. His friends also suggested him to find himself a beloved.

    I think a performer can arouse the audiences' sympathetic reponses by interpreting the piece of music from daily experience while performing. It is same to the students of Music that no student can have good performance by only focusing on instrument's practicing. No matter music-learners or any students who need professional knowledge, it is very important for every of them to enrich their lives, to experience the delight, anger, sorrow and happiness of life.

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    ...because of his internal anxiety...

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    I saw a movie a long time ago. It described that a pianist with anxiety, couldn't perfome well at his important concert. This man was a great pianist, but his performance lacked of feelings. His teacher found that and gave him advice, saying that at his performance, image himself playing for an important person.

    I think a great pianist bringing feelings at his concert would always

    gain the applauding. The students should not only practice for their performance. They must absorb more knowledge, add more color in their life, study hard to obtain a good education background. I believe these advices are helpful.

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    His teacher and friends encouraged him to fall in love with someone. 忘了翻這句....

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    saying that while performing a concert, image you was playing it for an important person. 改這樣不知行不行....希望有幫到你...

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    saying that while performing a concert, image you was playing it for an important person. 改這樣不知行不行....希望有幫到你...