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For those people suffer from illness all the time, authanaias let they feel relieved when life without a hope. Just like some cancer patient often to have an injection, than , all the remedy are no avail. Could it be said that they don’t choose right of authanaias? Moreover, formerly, he had free and separateness, but now he can’t care for himself, and also have to undergo the remedy to failure again and agian. Maybe tomorrow will be research new remedy, but must to try and try. When the remedy do not respond for him. in addition to confront the pain, the ill make frustrate on his psychology Can we imagine his feeling ?

Now let me share a story, about five years ago, i and my family were must chose a five month baby to die or to life. At the time, dictor say: “he can to life, brain no oxygen for a long time, casue him brain cell necrosis and become in a vegetative state.” And we decided to abanded first aid. Let him life on heaven and in our heart. Perhaps, you think we are so heartless, but to think if he life to now how much pain does he must take and we see him take pain on the hospital on every day. Not only he unhappy but also we are. Finally , I think authanaias not oly abate pain in his body and psychology, but family and social of stree. And let me emphasize repeatedly, authanaias of legalization don’t encourage them to abandon and to evade. Just give them to choose mercy killing.




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    For those who are tortured by illness every minute and every second,

    Euthanasia offers an ultimate salvation from their hopeless struggles.


    Take some cancer patients for example. They have to get an injection every ten minutes or more. When all treatments have failed, don't they have the right to choose mercy killing?


    Also, when a normal adult, independent and free, suddenly becomes an impotent patient who can't take care of himself, can you imagine how he feels?


    About five years ago, our family went through a hard time when we had to choose to let a five-month-old baby live or let him die.


    At the time the doctor said he could save the baby. But because of a long shortage of oxygen, the baby's brain cells were seriously damaged and would become paralyzed even if he survived.


    We chose to let him live in paradise and in our hearts.


    Maybe you would think we were ruthless. But consider this---if he lives to this day, how much pain will he have to endure? And every day we have to go to the hospital to watch him suffer. I believe he will be unhappy and we will too.


    In the end, euthanasia not only relieves the patient of their pressure but it also relieves their family and the society's pressure as well.


    Let me emphasize again and again, the legalization of euthanasia is not to encourage people to forsake their loved ones, or to run away from the trouble. It is only meant to give the dying their right to choose mercy killing.

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    Euthanasia is a relief for patients who suffer from illness all the time

    which is like some cancer patients often have an injection every ten more minutes. Could it be said that they don't have right to choose euthanasia when all treatments are failed? Moreover, could you imagine how they feel that a health adult is suddenly turned into an incompetent

    person who is unable to take care of himself from being an independent and active person?


    Now let me share a story with you. It's about five years ago. My family and I must make a decision on a five-month-old baby of his life and death. Dictor had said that he can save. But unfortunately, suffocation/ lacking of oxgen for too long is a cause for brain cell to become necrosis. Even though we really wanted to save him, he couldn't live a normal life in the future. So we decided to let him go to heaven and live in our mind. Perhaps you may think we are so heartless. But if you think he is still be alive now, how much pain does he must take and every day we have to see him take treatment painfully at the hospital . I think neither he nor we are unhappy. Finally, euthanasia not oly abates pain in his body and mind, but also reduces pressure coming from family and society. Let me emphasize again. legalizing euthanasia doesn't encourage people to abandon and to evade. They are just given the right to choose mercy killing.

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