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請幫我 翻成英文 鄭中基 別愛我

這座城是片繁華沙漠 只適合盛開妖豔霓虹

悲傷的人們滿街遊走 打聽幸福的下落

愛情都只是傳說 難開花難結果

你眼神裡的訊息我懂 像隨時準備燎原的火

那危險的美我曾見過 也因此留下了傷口

愛情依然是傳說 就別再觸碰 我荒涼心中還在痛的角落

別愛我 如果只是寂寞 如果不會很久 如果沒有停泊的把握

別愛我 不要給我藉口 不要讓我軟弱 別再把我推向海市蜃樓


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  • 曉屬
    Lv 4
    1 0 年前

    This city is the piece lively desert suitable to be only in full bloom the monster 豔 neon sad people full street to walk randomly inquired that happy whereabouts love is only the fable difficult to blossom the difficult result In your look's news I understood fire that danger US which momentarily prepared to set the prairie afire likely I once to see also therefore have left behind the wound love was still the fable leave move in again my bleak heart also in the pain corner Discriminatory love I, if is only lonely if will not be long, if has not anchored the assurance discriminatory love I do not give me to give a pretext do not let me weak not push to again me the mirage discriminatory love me


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