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只是單純的介紹"漫畫" 字數200字~300字左右 要"全英文"



我贈送20點 麻煩大家了!!!




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    Comics is a graphic medium in which images are utilised in order to convey a sequential narrative It is the sequential nature of the pictures, and the predominance of pictures over words, that distinguish comics from picture book.Comics have been presented within a wide number of publishing and typographical formats.From the very short panel cartoon to the more lengthy graphic novel The cartoon traditionally containing satiricalor humorous content in the manner.

    The comic strip is simply a sequence of cartoons which unite to tell a story within that sequence, and were originally known as strip cartoons. Originally the term comic strip was used to apply to any sequence of cartoons, no matter the venue of publication or length of the sequence, but now, mainly in the United States the term refers to the strips published in newspapers.Although referred to as comic books, these publications are actually more akin to magazines, having soft covers printed on glossy paper, with the interiors consisting of newsprint quality paper or higher grade.

    In Japan, a country with a long tradition for illustration and whose language evolved from pictures, comics were hugely popular. The Japanese market expanded its range to cover works in many genres, from juvenile fantasy through romance to adult fantasies. Japanese manga is typically published in large anthologies, containing several hundred pages, and the stories told have long been used as sources for adaptation into animated film. In Japan such films are referred to as anime, and many creators will work in both forms simultaneously, leading to an intrinsic linking of the two forms.

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