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    我這邊有相關的英文短文 除了他的原文外,還加上他的中文意思 另外還有關鍵字 你參考看看吧 希望能獲得你的青睞!


    Flying has always been a dream of human beings. People have tired in every possible way to simulate what birds do so naturally. Finally, a century ago, the Wright brothers successfully accomplished the first powered flight. Although it only lasted 12 seconds, it proved that flight was possible. Success had not come easily. It was achieved after years of hard work, years of testing different ideas, and years of frustration. After they finally did fly, Orville and Wilber Wright spent the rest of their lives fighting to establish their patent. They died without knowing whether the world would ever recognize their contribution.

    Aviation technology boomed in the ensuing years. Advanced materials coupled with more powerful engines made larger, lighter and faster aircraft possible. Hundreds of passengers can now fly across the Pacific non-stop in a single jet like the Boeing 747, which weighs over 400 tons. Aviation is now the most important means of transportation for both passengers and freight. As the saying goes, "The sky is the limit." But judging from what has happened in the last one hundred years, there may be no limits to what we can do in it.




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    Key Words

    simulate(v.) 模擬=replicate, imitate, copy

    accomplish(v.) 完成,實現,達到=achieve, do, carry out

    frustration (n.) 挫折,失敗,挫敗=disappointment, defeat, failure

    establish(v.) 建立,設立=set up

    patent(n.) 專利(權)=rights(to an invention)

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    recognize(v.) 正式承認,認可,認定=acknowledge

    contribution(n.) 貢獻=role, share

    boom(v.) 景氣,繁榮,突然好轉=thrive, flourish, prosper

    ensuing(a.) (只用於名詞前)接著發生的,接踵而至的=subsequent, following

    freight(n.) 貨運=cargo


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    The Spirit of Spain 熱情洋溢西班牙

    Spain looks pretty small on a world map, but this country has produced an extraordinary culture.


    All over the world, people have no problem recognizing the music, art, dance, or food that comes from Spain. Spanish culture is unmistakable.

    When a person thinks of Spain, the first thing that comes to mind might be flamenco dancing. Passionate and lively, usually performed to the accompaniment of fast guitars, flamenco dancing originated in southern Spain, and it has strong gypsy roots.

    Bullfighting is another of Spain's most famous attractions, and it is not just for tourists; bullfighting is enormously popular with the Spanish themselves. Thrilling and artistic, a bullfight is a match between a toreador, or bullfighter, and a bull. Bullfighting is one of Spain's long-standing traditions that might seem quite different from the ways of the modern world.

    Spain is known as a country of romance, and for good reason. The history of Spain had its starting point not in a war over territory or the discovery of a new continent, but in a marriage. In 1469, Queen Isabella of the Kingdom of Castile married King Ferdinand of the Kingdom of Aragon, joining two of the most powerful Christian kingdoms in what is known as the unification of Spain. This unification began the period of Spanish history that saw three centuries of global exploration, trade, and conquest, carrying the Spanish language and culture all over the world.

    No longer one of the world's strongest empires, Spain's political power has declined over the years, but its culture is as inspiring and well known now as ever. The spirit of Spain continues to inspire the world.

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    西班牙被公認是個浪漫的國度,這不是沒有道理的。這個國家的歷史肇始於一場婚禮,而不是因為爭奪領土的戰爭或發現新大陸。1469 年,卡斯提爾王國的伊莎貝拉女王與阿拉貢王國的斐迪南國王成親,這兩個強大基督教王國的聯姻被視為是西班牙的統一,開啟了該國長達三世紀到世界各地探險、貿易和佔領土地的歷史序幕,連帶使西班牙的語言和文化散佈到全世界。

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