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Leaders of the world economic community have begun to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem, The World bank and the international Mdnetary Fund have chreatened to cut off aid and loans to countries unwilling to battle official corruption. perhaps more important--because bribery takes both a briber and a bribee--in 1997 members of the organization for Economic Cooperation and Deveiopment (OECD) agreed to a bribery ban that would apply to firms headquartered or located in member states, The annual reports of transparency inter national, a Berlin based anticorruption group rank the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway among the least corrupt countrles, with Australia, Canada, the Netherlands,and New Zealand close behind.

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    世界各國領導人的經濟社會已經開始認識到問題的嚴重性,世界銀行和國際Mdnetary基金chreatened已切斷援助和貸款的國家不願官員腐敗鬥爭。或許更重要-因為賄賂需要一個行賄者和受賄者-在1 9 97年該組織的成員為經濟合作與研製(經合組織)同意禁止賄賂將適用於企業總部或設在各會員國,年度報告透明國際的國家,柏林的反腐敗組排名北歐國家丹麥,芬蘭,瑞典和挪威之間countrles最廉潔,澳大利亞,加拿大,荷蘭,新西蘭緊隨其後。

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