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過去,人們會將色彩濃烈,剪裁花俏,造型誇大的服飾打扮,或是盲目追逐流行趨勢,卻總是學不像,抓不住時尚精隨的窘境,視為"台客"或"很台". 手頭剛好有些錢,卻又不若中上階級寬裕的"台客"與"台妹"們,除了時常選購防冒品外,也常將各種服裝元素"混搭"身上. 以往,這種現象常被譏為東施效顰(即對流行時尚的拙劣模仿),或被奚落為鄉下人試圖晉身品味階級的尷尬過度期.


請好心大大幫忙翻譯成英文!拜託 感謝

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    In the past, the people will be strong the color, tailor fancy, the modelling exaggerating clothing appearance, perhaps the blind chase fashion trend, actually tried to copy or imitate without success, could not hold the fashionable essence along with the predicament, regarded as " Taiwan guest " Or " Very Taiwan ". On hand just some money, actually not, if on social class ample " Taiwan guest " With " Taiwan younger sister " , Besides often selects and purchases against braves, also Chang Jiangge plants clothing element " Mixes builds " On body. Formerly, this kind of phenomenon often was ridiculed to imitate others to make a fool of oneself (i.e. to popular fashion shoddy imitation), or is ridiculed attempts for the country folk the Jin body to savor social class's awkward excessive time. 翻譯好嚕!!=)

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