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Terms Of Services

In these terms, all words WE, OUR, OURS, US, TO US, OF US are refered to ACE Online Store.

Information that a natural person, a group of people or a legal person (web visitor) gives to ACE Online Store by filling in the forms provided on this website shall be used by us only within our legal scope of business activity (including but not limited to market survey; promotion; information about products and services; contact with suppliers and lessees of shopping mall; recruitment).

We undertake not to give this information to any other third person and for any purposes (commercial or non-commercial), except the case that USA law requires so or the case that ACE trademark transfer requires the transfer of information on ACE ’s customers.

Web visitors shall be responsible for the accuracy as well as error of the information they fill in the abovementioned forms.

Besides, information that ACE gathers when web visitors enter this website shall be used for the same purposes and in the same conditions set forth above, even though they did not fill this information in forms.

Privacy policy applicable to this website shall be governed by USA law and shall be applicable to web visitors who are subject to USAlaw. Privacy provisions shall be amended in order to meet ACE and web visitors’ actual needs and to comply with USA law from time to time.

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    信息,一個自然人,有一群人或法人(網頁訪客)給予血管緊張素轉換酶網上商店中填寫的表格提供在此網站上不得使用,我們只能在我們的法律範圍內的商業活動(包括但不限市場調查;促進;信息產品和服務;聯繫與供應商和承租人的購物中心;招聘) 。

    我們承諾不放棄這一信息向任何其他第三人以任何目的(商業或非商業) ,除的情況是,美國法律要求,或的情況是,血管緊張素轉換酶商標轉讓需要轉讓的信息血管緊張素轉換酶的客戶。



    隱私政策適用於本網站應受美國法律應適用於網站訪問者誰受USAlaw 。隱私規定予以修訂,以滿足ACE和網站訪問者的實際需要,並遵守美國的法律時有發生。

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