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神祕麥田圈與古老文明的“文字“相關:有一部份神祕麥田圈與曾撞毀在地球上之飛碟上面所遺留的所謂「宇宙文」相似,並與古老文明國家的文字很像,英國與美國科學家將字母與數字組合成八萬五千組,利用超級電腦比對,終於發現作物上神祕的麥田圈可能是一種「語言」,具有特殊意義。其中在1991年發現於英國的一組神祕麥田圈的符號已解讀為拉丁文,到現在麥田圈的形成還是無法解開的謎,很多人提出了不同的看法,氣象學家認為是氣旋或特殊電漿閃電所形成;地理學家則判斷是地層下某種磁場所造成,研究專家們提出以下的推論:宇宙中的某種智慧藉麥田圈向地球宣告他們的存在,並藉以顯現他們無所不在的能力,他們似乎是想和我們溝通,同時也警告我們地球正處於一個極不穩定和危險的狀態,這正是為什麼麥田圖案日漸增多,並且更複雜的原因,他們知道人類一向高傲自大,如果現出本體直接接觸 ,勢必會造成危險後果。在他們眼中我們正像野蠻種族尚未開發一般,頑抗不羈,我們是否能真正瞭解自己,看清自己在宇宙中的角色及地位是什麼,他們利用麥田圖案來告誡我們,我們不是全世界最聰明的。

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    Mystical wheat field circle and ancient civilization “writing “correlation: Some partial mystical wheat field circle with once crashed so-called “the universe article” which above the flying saucer left behind on the Earth similar, and looked like very much with the ancient civilized national writing, English and the American scientist combined the letter and the numeral 85,000 groups, the use supercomputer compared to, finally discovered on the crops the mystical wheat field circle possibly was one kind “the language”, had the special significance.In which in 1991 discovered has unscrambled in an England's group of mystical wheat field circle mark is Latin, is unable the riddle to the present wheat field circle formation which unties, very many people proposed the different view, the meteorologist thought is the cyclone or the special electricity thick liquid lightning forms; The geographer judgment is under the stratum some kind of magnetic field creates, studies the experts to propose following deduction: In the universe some kind of wisdom affiliation wheat field circle announces their existence to the Earth, so as to and appears their omnipresent ability, they as if are want to communicate with us, simultaneously also warned our Earth is being at one extremely unstable and the dangerous condition, this is precisely why does the wheat field design increase day after day, and a more complex reason, they know the humanity arrogantly always arrogant, if appears the main body direct contact, will be able to create the dangerous consequence inevitably.Our direct positive barbaric race not yet develops in their eye general, resists stubbornly uninhibited, whether we can understand truly oneself, sees clearly oneself in the universe role and the status is any, they use the wheat field design to warn us, we are not the world most intelligent.


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