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急徵 英文高手 有好心人可以幫忙翻譯英文嗎20點

拜託不要用翻譯機>"< 翻譯機很賤

Average or above-average intelligence

Bob is very intelligent and prides himself on this. From about the age of five he has dictated letters for us to send to our local member of parliament or the Prime Minster on issues he feels strongly about. He has a wide vocabulary for his age and often makes up his own words, such as ‘disgustable’ for something that is a mixture of ‘horrible’ and ‘disgusting’. He has a flair for writing stories and poems.

When Bob was about eighteen months old Mum was looking through a book with him and pointing to objects and Bob was saying theirs names, such as ‘boat’, ‘cat’, and so on. Mum pointed to a bird and expected Bob to say ‘bird’. He said ‘kingfisher’. It was indeed a kingfisher. Mum said ‘Cleverclogs’ is there anything you don’t know? And Bob replied ‘I don’t know what clogs is’. He displayed two symptoms of AS on that occasion, above-average intelligence and things literally.


Sensory sensitivity

People with autism in general can often be sensitive to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. This could form the subject for a whole book. Bob often gets overwhelmed by noise, especially if there are a lot of people around.

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He also finds it difficult to wear new clothes, and to touch certain fabrics. He often notices tiny things that would pass other people by, such as a faint smell or noise that no one else can hear.

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Recently, while sitting at the computer with Mum, Bob became very agitated because of a noise that Mum was making and he couldn’t concentrate on what he was doing.

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The noise was just Mom’s foot moving slightly against her sandal and was barely audible but he could hear it above everything else and it led to a small outburst.

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天呀!! 你是大好人>""

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Positive aspects

AS can present a lot challenges for Bob but he also sees a positive side to having it. For instance, he has what he calls his ‘Imaginings’. This is where he plays games in his head and makes up stories.

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At the same time he makes noises and has a lot physical tics involving rigid arm and leg movements and facial grimaces. This something Bob has always done though it has progressed over the years to include the leg movements and noises.

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Bob’s ‘Imaginings’ show a very creative side to Bob. He has, in recent years, been able to articulate what these ‘Imaginings’ are and what they mean to him. Some of the stories and games are well thought out and the characters very detailed.

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‘imaginings’ are very important to Bob. He has to do them. He can hold them off for a period of time, for example when playing with a friend, but has to ‘release’ them soon after.

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This often involves holding his breath and some very intense clenching of facial, hand, arm and leg muscles and occasionally he will himself but on whole his ‘imaginings’ are beneficial for Bob and he is glad he has AS so that he can do them.

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A final word

The purpose of this book is not change your child and mould him or her into a neurotypical person, but to help them to ‘get by’ in a neurotypical word, white at same time, we hope, embracing the beauty of AS – the intelligence, the honesty, the creativity, the loyalty.

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And, for parents, there is joy of having a child who doesn’t care which training shoes he wears because he doesn’t notice which training shoes other children are wearing!

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Bob’s comments on AS

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I think having AS is good but of course there are some parts of it that are bad.

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What I like about having AS

I like my ‘Imaginings’ which are, as well as what I am seeing in front of me I can also see whole images inside my head. It’s sort of like a cartoon going on inside my head. I don’t just do them once.

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If I have a story I’ll keep doing it until it comes to an end and sometimes it can have several endings and this can take weeks or tears to finish, for example, there is one where there is this big sort of a company floating in the sky and held up by gas propellers ﹒

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拜託>"< 好心人士>"<

翻的能看懂的話>"< 就是他了>"

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    鮑勃是非常聰明和自豪自己這一點。從大約5歲的他已決定為我們發送信件給我們當地的國會議員或總理在他認為強烈的的問題上。他有著廣泛的詞彙,他的年齡和常常用他自己的話來說,如' disgustable '的東西,這是混合物的'可怕'和'噁心' 。他有天賦書面故事和詩歌。

    當Bob約18個月老媽媽拿一本書指著物體,鮑勃說他們的名字,如'船' , '貓' ,等等。媽媽指出,鳥類和預期鮑勃說'鳥' 。他說: '翠鳥' 。這確實是一個翠鳥。媽媽說: ' Cleverclogs '有什麼你不知道?和鮑勃回答'我不知道是什麼木屐。他顯示兩個症狀就那次會議上,高於平均水平的情報和字面上的東西。

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    可以提出很多的挑戰鮑勃但他也看到了積極的一面了它。例如,他他所謂'想像' 。這是在玩遊戲,他在他的頭部和彌補的故事。

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    他同時提出噪聲和有很多涉及人身抽動剛性手臂和腿動作和面部grimaces 。這東西鮑伯一直這樣做雖然取得了進展多年來,包括腿部運動和噪音。

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    兒童應該可以投票的年齡為10個,因為如果他們年輕,他們可以影響和英國銀行﹝ ﹞國民黨應該解散,因為他們的意見和種族主義將是極其危險的,如果他們上台。



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    鮑勃是非常聰明和自豪自己這一點。從大約5歲的他已決定為我們信件發送給我們當地的國會議員或總理的問題上,他強烈的。他有著廣泛的詞彙,他的年齡和常常使他自己的話來說,如' disgustable '的東西,這是混合物的'可怕'和'噁心' 。他有天賦書面故事和詩歌。

    當Bob約18個月老媽媽正在尋找一本書通過與他指著物體和鮑勃說他們的名字,如'船' , '貓' ,等等。媽媽指出,鳥類和預期鮑勃說'鳥' 。他說: '翠鳥' 。這確實是一個翠鳥。媽媽說: ' Cleverclogs '有什麼你不知道?和鮑勃回答'我不知道是什麼木屐。他顯示兩個症狀就那次會議上,高於平均水平的情報和字面上的東西。




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