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@@ 求救會英文的請幫我翻譯 謝謝20點




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    Do you knowThis Lao of four class in ABCD no one likes that idiocy senior clerk.He likes to play with New appointee very much.Isn't that the New appointee is also similar on the whole.And the scheming is very heavy.Love to calculate a person very much.Do you knowIt is plusing the woman of that his partner to like to talk in disorder with that idiocy senior clerk.This Lao all calls his pig head in his backs.These do you knowBefore having not changed shifts of duty me is to once speak with you to!You see your friend New appointee jean now how is had fun by him.You ask him.See do I speak in disorderI think me to believe these that you are because of shoulding know with your IQ.

    ㄜ 這個....翻譯有些一樣 有些意思會怪怪的啦 我自己看過了= =

    不敢說大同小異 但....基本上是這樣子 或對或錯 (錯的意思是 它可能翻到別的英文的翻譯了) [因為英文有多種翻譯]

    參考資料: 譯言堂
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    Do you know? Four classes ABCD originally put to the trouble of nobody and like that idiot's group leader. He likes dallying with rookies very much. It is not a rookie who is the same. And the scheming is very heavy. Like calculating people very much. Do you know? The woman adding that his partner likes speaking arbitrarily to that idiot's group leader. Originally work and call his pig's head behind him. Do you know these? Change shifts I to say with you right yet before this! You think you friend rookie how play with him now such as jean. You ask him. See me and have and say arbitrarily? I want I believe these because you know with IQ of you.

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