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阿華田 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請問哪位大大可以幫我中文翻英 文???!!! 粉急勒...

請問哪位大大可以幫我中翻英..?客戶要的 >< 但我英文不強 怎麼辦 ><''' 文章如下:




項目 琉璃珠、金工、古玉、古董、珠寶、雜項

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  • 1 0 年前

    --About origin reason Qi

    Ancient jade, the ancient colored glaze bead, the ancient golden silver personal ornament bestow on the new life; New annotation.This is a direction which the work room devotes.

    When we recall the time; Holds appreciatively in the Qianlong emperor pulls refers; Wears under Tang Dynasty China and the West exchange foreigner; In Chinese South Vietnam king's jade or Big Dipper Manjusri; Spends European Lizhu in Roman prosperous times Milo; In Jew ancestor's Phoenicia eyeball; Or attempts Tang Carmen in the pharaoh to avoid evil influences the eyeball.

    Gentleman ladies ask what you do want? Selected together the end of the Ming dynasty writer disappointed and to one's heart's content wears to the current political situation article face card in the scenery between, how did the matching same historical perspective Middle East colored glaze bead greet the Qianlong prosperous times to approach?

    Project colored glaze bead, metalwork, ancient jade, antique, jewelry, miscellaneous

    參考資料: 線上翻譯
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  • 1 0 年前

    To 傻瓜 and 比比:

    This is a highly sophisticated explanation of antique jewries in Chinese. I wouldn't dare to try to translate them, because I know how much I can do. I admire your confidence and courage, but this is a forum to help educate and answer people who need correct and useful answers. This is not a place for you to practice your English or spread wrong information.

    After you translated this explanation, would you tell me, do you understand what you have just translated in English yourself?

    知知為知知, 不知為不知, 才是做人或做學問的態度, 共勉之

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  • Anny
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    1 0 年前

    Origin on the edge of Qi

    Will be an ancient, ancient beads, ancient gold Silver giving new life; a new interpretation. This is the direction to the studio. When we back the clock; Emperor Qianlong in the play refers to the plate; in the Tang Dynasty under the exchange of Chinese and Western Hunni Pei; in the South Vietnamese Han Wang Yu Bi or seven stars of the Monju; Holy Spirit in charge of Milo OU beads; ancestors of the Jews in the eyes of the Phoenician ; Or at the door of the pharaoh map Thangka good fortune eyes. Mr. President, what you are going to have to ask? Pick a piece of the late Ming literati of the current situation and disappointed indulgence, mountains and rivers between the civilian license-Pei, with the same historical background of glass beads in the Middle East to meet the Qianlong how the advent of prosperity?

    Project glass beads, metal, jade, antiques, jewelry, miscellaneous

    參考資料: 自己+網路
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