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    Hello everyone! My name is xxx. I am xx years old, and am from Gaoxiong. I am currently a first year student in xx university, majoring in Information Management.

    My hobbies includes listening to music, watching movies, and shopping. Occasionally I also like to read some books, such as Chinese literature and fictional stories. I am very inquisitive, and wish to learn or experience any new and novel things around me. I also wish to further develop my hobbies and interests.

    I feel that I am an amiable as well as earnest person. This is particularly true when facing something I am interested, I would be even more focused. I also enjoy interacting with others around me, because that makes me feel that the world around me is ever-expanding.

    I graduated from xx high school. Even though this is not a top-ranked high school, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience for my three years there.

    Thank you everyone for your attention!

    參考資料: I'm ABC
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    Everybody is good! My name is xxx, this year xx year old, from the Taiwan Province Gaoxiong. I am xx university's student at present, goes study first-grade the information management department.

    My interest is listens to music, to look that the movie, as well as window-shops. Occasionally also likes reading some books, for example literature, novel and so on…. I have the rich curiosity, any novel thing I want to study the attempt, also hoped that may raise more interests.

    I thought that I am one amiable and the earnest person, particularly has the interest matter facing oneself, is easy to concentrate. I also very much like with the human being together, this lets me feel my world is broader.

    My high school graduates from xx, although this school is not famous, but for three year I study many knowledge in there, as well as the experience.

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